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   Chapter 150 A Silent Call

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6528

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"Of course I'm embarrassed. I don't want anyone to see my embarrassment." Amanda remarked, as she covered her face with her hand.

Her ears turned red because of shyness. She said, "I don't care. I'm not going to work. I want to ask for leave. You go and ask for leave."

"Why not go to work?" Darren frowned. The marks on her neck were much better, which would make those who dared to covet her give up. And those who dared to bully her would restrain themselves. What a perfect marks! However, from the expression of Amanda's response, he could not accept that. He said, "you can't just stay here. I'll think of something for you. Get in the car and change."

Then she followed Darren into the car. She didn't believe that Darren could figure out a way to deal with the situation. To her surprise, after Darren parked the car, he directly walked into a silk knitted shop and took out a print of white plum silk scarf. He lifted his hand to help Amanda tie it to her neck. The huge silk scarf loosened to completely cover the marks on his neck.

Amanda looked at him and smiled, "Mr. Darren is really experienced and professional."

Darren's face darkened. After fastening the belt for her, he directly drove away.

After they arrived at the restaurant, Amanda ordered steamed buns, millet porridge and pumpkin cakes. The food here was very delicate and the amount of each dish was small, but because of the high quality of the food, the price was also very high.

She picked up a pumpkin cake and put it into her mouth. She looked out of the window with a smile on her face. It seemed that she didn't care what happened last night.

He couldn't figure out what was on her mind right now. Thinking of the scene that she snuggled in his arms last night and begged for mercy. Darren wants this meal to turn into dinner and prepare for the night to come again.

"Excuse me, I need to go to the bathroom." All of a sudden, he stood up, t

ough night."

After having dinner casually, Amanda then sat in the living room and watched TV. The TV play was getting more and more boring. There was either a drama of mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, a battle of perfect wife and a concubine, and the emperor and her daughter-in-law in ancient times were all so courteous. It took her half an hour to watch, and she even yawned.

In a daze, her phone rang. It was an unfamiliar number. Amanda opened it curiously and said, "hello."

There was no reply.

"Did my phone break down? "She wondered. "Hey, who are you? Can you speak? Did I damage it? "

All of a sudden, a faint gasp came from the other end of the line, which made Amanda's brain tightened. She clenched her phone tightly, and her heart ached for it. Her eyes couldn't help but turn red. She seemed to have known who was calling. A very strong premonition, and a very strong intuition told her that who was calling.

It was still silent on the other side of the phone. But there was nothing more than tears falling down from the phone. After dropping tears, she threw away her phone and lied on the sofa, weeping.

Hearing her sob, Lionel felt a sharp pain in his heart, as if it was hit hard by a hammer. He said in a hoarse voice, "Don't cry. I don't deserve your tears."

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