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   Chapter 147 A Photo On The Back

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Amanda was so angry that she went to the kitchen again to prepare the dishes. However, Darren had already shown up in front of the kitchen without anyone noticing. She swore in a low voice that Darren was an unscrupulous capitalist while washing vegetables for him.

Darren just stood there and watched them. Amanda, wearing simple home clothes, wore an apron, with her hair tied, had her sleeves rolled up, and her white elbow was exposed. The clear water drops dropped on the golden corn and dropped on her face. Because the water drops had been turned up a little higher, and flung to her face, Amanda quickly raised her hand to wipe her face.

The scene was unexpectedly sweet and made people feel excited. Even Darren couldn't help smiling.

As soon as she turned around, she saw that Darren was already sitting in the dining room. With great fury, she immediately put the porridge in front of him. "Here, the fresh porridge. Have a taste. It's still cold." she said threateningly.

Seeing that she was still in high spirits and didn't cry any more, Darren slightly raised his lips and said, "Tomorrow Susie will see your red eyes. What will she think?"

His words took her aback. Susie saw her red and swollen eyes, she must think that she was bullied by Darren.

She didn't mind what Susie thought.

"She must think you made me angry again, you are not popular here." He told her what was in her mind directly.

"So what? Susie never thinks I'm a good person. I don't care what she thinks about." Amanda proposed.

Darren raised a finger and nodded. "Anger has never happened on one person. It makes you so sad, which means I'm very angry."

His words caught her attention. She felt embarrassed and said, "don't talk nonsense. I'm not upset if you get angry."

"If I am angry, you will definitely b

re." She tried to get up, but she couldn't move in the arms of Darren. She just lied there with her head covered. She looked away and felt a little depressed. He had promised to help her, but now he acted like this. Was it that fun to make her angry?

Only those powerful people could tease others.

"I'll take a shower first." Darren said as he loosened his hands. And then the bathroom door was opened.

Then he got out of bed and rushed to the bathroom. Seeing that, she sat up immediately and shouted, "Hey! Come out!"

"You'd better not come in, or don't blame me." Darren kept the door open and the water sound was heard. Amanda dared not go inside. She sat on the edge of the bed angrily and muttered, "who is he? He's annoying! He not only didn't help me but also took my bathroom. And he said those offensive words to me."

The sound of flowing water came from the bathroom, which made Amanda indulge in reading the news.

Darren was washing himself under the shower in the bathroom and warm water was pouring on his body. After the shower gel with the fragrance of roses she liked most melted by the water, the whole bathroom was covered with a faint fragrance, as if walking into the rose garden.

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