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   Chapter 145 Meeting Him

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"I like leek. It's fresh too." Amanda said.

"I don't want leek." However, on the other hand, Amanda had already put leek in carefully. He frowned and looked at her. She said, "Anyway, I'm a cook. It's my call to decide on the ingredients."

"Can you not always choose weird things?" He couldn't help but ask her, seeing her taking two onions and a bunch of celery.

Amanda pushed him away and said, "Please believe in the cook."

He would have kicked her out of the kitchen if he didn't trust her. Why should he let her choose?

"This is the best for putting this into the porridge." Amanda said with a smile while she was taking out a yam from a storage shelf. Suddenly, the smile on her face froze.

When they were having supper, Josie and Lionel were walking hand in hand. She was still smiling at them. Suddenly, Lionel looked up and her, Amanda. He stopped walking, looking worried.

Following the direction, Darren saw Lionel and Josie at a glance. A trace of unwillingness could be seen in Lionel's eyes. He raised his lips slightly. Even if he was not willing to, he calmly took the yam from Amanda and said, "let's go to have a look again."

"These should be enough." It never occurred to Amanda that they would meet Lionel in the supermarket. The man in front of him was now a stranger to him. He was no longer hers. He was now the fiance of Josie. And he was just a stranger for her. She could no longer greet him with a smile, nor walk hand in hand. She even felt heartbroken at the sight of him.

She didn't want to buy anything now. She just wanted to leave as soon as possible. But Darren saw the emotional change of Amanda. He showed a layer of anger on his face and said lightly, "it's not enough. Go on."

The man looked arrogant and indifferent, which showed his displeasure. He then lowered his voice, "what are you afraid of?"

"I'm no

She went into the kitchen and made porridge for Darren. No matter how sad and heartbroken she was, she and Lionel would never be together. The most important thing for her was to cook the porridge for Darren.

She carefully put the Sweet Corn Chicken Congee in the white china bowl and went upstairs. The bedroom suddenly was light up. She went over and knocked on the door, shouting, "Darren, your congee is ready."

There was no sound inside. Amanda had knocked on the door several times, but he didn't answer. So he looked back first. He assumed that Darren wouldn't come out of the study. She opened the door carefully. Firstly, she made sure that there was no water sound in the bathroom, so he was not taking a shower.

Darren was upset at first, but he didn't want to pay attention to it at first when he heard the knock on the door. Then she opened the door and went inside. Amanda popped her head out and looked around carefully, but he was standing on the other side of the door, so Amanda didn't see him, and mumbled, "Is it possible that someone frightens me all of a sudden? But it's strange, why did they disappear suddenly at night?"

Darren didn't know what she was thinking. He stood behind the door and looked at her coldly.

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