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   Chapter 144 I Want To Have Porridge

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"All right. You will never understand me." Charles turned around and went upstairs. He couldn't think of anything wrong with his mind on business. What Susie could only do now was to be angry. She didn't serve as a man of tolerance, making his business hard to do. In addition, she even offended Amanda several times. As a result, she was even unable to see Amanda through. Every day she thought about the little things of jealousy, and did not want to think that Amanda's present status would be easy to deal with her.

Fortunately, the custody of Sheryl in dad's hands, so it is good, let Amanda read leans to continue to make contributions to the Cheng family, he is now more and more like this sister.

"Mom, don't be angry. My brother is an expert in making money and squandering. Amanda is a big shot in the city, but he knows that I'm useless since he can help him with the cases. I'll prove myself to my brother sooner or later. He'll be the most useless person even if there is Amanda." Susie said coldly.

She patted Susie on the shoulder sadly and said, "Susie, actually your brother made a right decision. The reason why Amanda could marry Darren is because of the power of our family. She has good resources, so she wanted to give them to our family first. You don't have to worry about it. The only way is to take a longer-term project. Even a young girl like Amanda

could marry Darren, My daughter is so good, how can lose to her?"

Susie nodded her head and said, "Mom, don't worry. I know it."

After getting home, she turned on the light and yawned, "I'm so tired. It turns out that playing with children is more tiring than attending parties. "

Darren glanced at her, "How tired can you be?"

"Humph! You always save nice things for the kids, you don't talk well when you're gone." Then she stood up and went upstairs.

"Cook for me." Darren said lightly behind her.

She turned around and said in surprise, "d

od at home has eaten so fast, no one will refuse the chance to be praised, Amanda cannot help but become complacent.

"Make full use of it." However, her complacency disappeared immediately. She glared at him and asked, "What do you mean? Do you mean I only cook for you?"

"Isn't it true?" The corner of his mouth twitched unconsciously, as if he wanted to laugh, but he controlled himself.

'I should have listened to him, ' she thought.

Darren didn't know if it was for raw materials or not, so he didn't go to the nearby house. Instead, he went a few more streets and found that the best with the most goods.

When they went into the supermarket, Amanda, who wore home clothes, felt uncomfortable all the time. She had no reason to ask Darren to follow her when she was pushing a cart. She ran to and fro to take her stuff. She followed Darren all the time, pretending to be a qualified housewife.

"Give more corns." She came back with many carrots in her hands. Darren nodded at her and saw her take two carrots. He frowned and said, "don't take them."

"It's very good. I used the rip to cook the cake. Please give me some taste." Amanda put the carrot in straight, as he saw Darren look normal. He didn't say anything else. He was relieved. She used to be a carrot to resist.

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