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   Chapter 143 Make Full Use Of It

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6292

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"So, do you often come to this orphanage to help them?" Amanda said, "But it's strange. If you want the orphanage to be renovated, it's not a hard thing. Why do you want it to stay in such a remote place?"

Darren looked up at her and asked, "What reason do you think it is?"

Amanda rolled her eyes, "It is your plan. Why do you ask me?"

"It never occurred to me that you would bring it up." Said Darren flatly.

Amanda was stunned, she'd better give up asking about it. After thinking for a while, Amanda asked, "Do you want to keep this place?"

"What?" He calmly looked at the traffic lights in front of him, as if he didn't understand why Amanda would ask such a question.

"When Sheryl was in hospital, and my family was going to redecorate the house, so I wanted to come back from England secretly to prevent them from taking Sheryl's room away. I knew Sheryl won't live in it, but I still wanted to keep it. They told me that after redecoration, there won't be anything missing in Sheryl's room, and it would be better than before, but I still wanted to keep his room. That room belongs to Sheryl only." Amanda shrugged her shoulders and added, "But I still couldn't stop them. My aunt renovated the whole Cheng family as she wanted. As a result, it didn't look like Cheng family at all. The only thing they haven't changed for years is only the address. The rest is no longer original Cheng family anymore."

"You are wrong." Said Darren.

Amanda was a little surprised, and she raised her voice, "I wasn't wrong. That's where Sheryl once stayed. It's unique and only room for Sheryl. I did it to protect him. Even if in their eyes, I'm a rebellious person, but I still insist. Even if it all begin all over again, I would still do the same thing."

"No, I didn't mean by this." Darren shook his head.

"Then what is it?" She blinked and didn't understan

ould share everything with you. You should talk to her more often."

Susie straightened her face and said, "My brother always comes up with bad ideas. He saw how Amanda treated me in the company. Why still ask me to be polite to her."

Mrs. Li was a little surprised and asked, "What happened? Did she dare disobey you?"

Susie snorted, "Don't even mention about disobey or not. She usually disdain me and even hit me. My brother even coaxed them but not help me. In our company, everyone is able to trample on me."

Mrs. Li instantly straightened up. She pointed at Charles and asked angrily, "How could you stand by and watch your own sister being bullied?"

Charles said, "Mom, don't just believe Susie's words. She doesn't treat anyone nicely in the company. Besides, Susie always makes a scene at me and says that I'm biased Amanda. She said that I took Amanda to meet clients without her, but actually clients agree to sign the contract with me for Amanda's sake. What else can I do to take her?"

"How dare you dislike your sister. If she hadn't helped you, you wouldn't have been so relaxed in the company." Mrs. Li was so angry, "You really pissed me off. Is it because Amanda is strong now? Is there only one sister left in your world?"

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