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   Chapter 142 Be Happy

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7024

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"What?" But she didn't have the slightest idea what he was talking about. There were some delicately packaged books in the trunk and they were all placed inside. She picked one and put it in the trunk. It was really a weight.

"Don't move! Give it to me!" Said Darren.

"You come here to move?" Amanda blinked her eyes and thought, 'he even doesn't bother to clean the table. How could he take the initiative to do the hard work?'

Darren didn't hesitate and entered the office with a pile of books in his hands.

"Wow, here comes bro." The kids were playing the games in the orphanage. They rushed up excitedly when they saw Darren coming in. Amanda was shocked, was he exactly Darren? Was he the cold and arrogant man who always gave no leeway?

He smiled happily like the sunshine. The children around him got closer to him unconsciously as if he was one of them. They were very familiar with him. It seemed that it was not the first time for Darren to be here.

After putting down the book, Darren turned around and saw Amanda at the door. He frowned and said, "What are you doing there? Come on in. "

The children all looked at her curiously.

"Hi, Darren." An old woman with silver hair came out. She was wearing a pair of glasses and looked very kind. She greeted Darren enthusiastically.

Darren. The corners of his mouth twitched. She called him Darren. And Darren listened to him attentively. With a diplomatic smile, he replied, "Dean, I've come to see the children."

The dean said with a smile, "everyone likes the clothes you sent last time and wondered when you would come again. You have been expected at last."

"Bro, I've learned a new song."

"Bro, I can take this plane,"

The children circled around Darren and praised themselves without hiding. And Darren also showed a faint smile.

"Bro, who is this sister?" A girl pointed at Amanda and asked timidly.

"Introduce yourself when you see others." He furrowed his brows as he didn't get any response from her.

Amanda stepped forward and asked with a smile, "Is there anyone who taught you t

took them to make small ingots, plum blossom, and some people made dumplings with special workmanship. They wrapped the dumplings with a layer of dough, and made the dumplings into a toy.

The dumplings were all made in a steamer. Worried that they might break into pieces if someone cooked them in water, he used the steamer to heat them.

"I bought the ingot." "This plum blossom belongs to me." When the dumplings were taken out, everyone hurried to look for the unique dumplings they had made.

Standing by the window, Amanda rubbed her arm and said, "I'm so tired. It's more tiring than making dumplings myself."

"Where are my dumplings?" he asked

"You still want to eat? Take it yourself." But she was too tired to argue with Darren.

"Thank you for teach us how to make dumplings." The kids rushed to her, and the latter was thrilled and gave each of them a big hug.

It was getting dark. After getting on the car, Amanda looked at Darren and said, "I didn't expect you would come here."

Darren raised his lips slightly. "Why couldn't I think of anything?"

Many of them didn't expect that Darren would be so considerate to help the children in the orphanage.

"My parents passed away when I was very young. There is no difference between me and them." Darren said lightly, "Although I have grandpa and they look much happier than me, I also hope they can be happier."

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