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   Chapter 141 You Are So Stupid

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"Mr. Hua, you are also interested in our recent plan." Susie greeted with a smile.

Amanda took a sip of the wine and smiled.

After the conversation with Mr. Hua, Susie was relieved. Mr. Hua treated her so well, but all this was for the sake of Mrs. Amanda. Susie took time to look at Amanda. When Amanda was eating snacks leisurely, there were always people laughing to greet her. This was because of the An Group's reputation.

Susie bit her lip and swore to herself that she would be more famous and eye-catching than Amanda.

She was happy to be with Susie. She picked some snacks and ate them in a leisurely manner.

There was a sudden silence in the hall. Everyone looked at the entrance in surprise.

A man, dressed in a black long coat, walked into the hall from the entrance. He was handsome and arrogant, and his sharp eyes were searching for the people in the hall. A waiter, with due respect, walked into the hall. He did not have the invitation, but he saw his face. Therefore, no one dared to stop him from leaving the hall.

"Mr. Darren, we shall be greatly honored by your presence." Seeing that, the leader of the group walked up to them with a smile.

"You're welcome, Mr. Colin. I'm here to pick up my wife." He said politely.

"Where is your wife? I just greeted them because they were here. " Mr. Colin said with a smile.

Amanda was having her dessert, so she didn't notice the change of the atmosphere outside.

Mr. Darren looked around and then walked towards Amanda.

He patted her on the shoulder, and then turned to look at her. His eyes widened in surprise when he saw her face. "What are you doing here?" She asked.

Darren frowned. "Why am I here?"

Amanda chuckled, "I didn't expect you to come so early. I thought we had to wait a little longer." She managed to push her way through a crowd of people, only to eat a few ah, so being taken away, it is not enough for

anda. He didn't need to worry about the contract at all.

Now Amanda really regretted having taken advantage of her own chance. She should have taken advantage of it, so that the status of the audience is herself.

He and Amanda stayed for a short while before they came out.

"Hey, didn't you want to test my result? You just talked a few words with Mr. Colin from the beginning to the end. What kind of inspection is it?"

Darren glanced at her and said, "I don't need to read more? I can see it at a glance. I'm here with you. No matter how bad the work is, the result will be perfect. "

"Who can't talk big? If it doesn't work, I'll tell you and you need to be responsible."

"As long as you're smart enough, I can take care of everything. The only thing I'm worried about is your ability," he added

"Don't look down upon me. I'm not as stupid as you think. Besides, I did a good job today," she added

Darren didn't talk to her anymore. He drove home directly and asked her to change into a set of simple and easy-going clothes.

Totally confused, Amanda followed him out. The car stopped steadily. He was a little stunned to see the colorful buildings in front of him. "Orphanage?"

Darren opened the trunk and said, "Come here quickly to take these things."

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