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   Chapter 140 Sisterhood

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6531

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It was not easy for her to have an affair with Amanda after her marriage to Darren. Because Lionel is completely free of gossip. But Mr. Darren had a lot of affairs, and his relationship with Rose was well known. Now Amanda appears as Darren's wife. After the rumor of an affair, everyone expected her to end in misery, but Amanda showed up unperturbed and made headlines for the next edition of the show with Darren.

It was truly not the skill of ordinary women. There was a tacit understanding between them. They exchanged a knowing look with each other.

Susie guided them to think this way on purpose. She smiled and said, "my family also worry a lot about this, but you know that my father and mother are kind and honest. We won't get involved in this matter. We just worry about these things."

Suddenly, everyone looked behind Susie with a weird smile.

Susie turned around and saw Amanda coming over with a glass of wine. She was smiling at her.

"Why did you come out? There are so many guests inside. Aren't you going to greet them?" Susie said with a smile when she saw Amanda towards her.

"Business is my brother's skill, I followed in the past to do what, as follows the elder sister to come out, to know the friends around." Amanda proposed.

Susie looked around and lowered her voice, "I'm afraid my temple is too small to accommodate a big Buddha like you. You'd better go back to the hall. That's your place."

"I don't understand what you said. I came here with my brother and sister, so I don't know anyone. My brother is busy with his business, but she ignored me. I'm tired of being here by myself. I'd better go back first." Then she turned around and was about to leave.

Susie quickly stopped her and said in a low voice, "Amanda, what tricks are you playing?"

"I just came here to meet someone. Why are you so nervous?" Amanda glanced at her.

The girls were standing aside. The crowd couldn't hear wh

re for the development of our clients. So please be professional. Don't stay here."

Susie looked at Amanda's words and felt even worse. She sneered and said, "It's easy for you to say that. If you are really for Cheng Group, then you should socialize well with them. I am not you, do not have your position, why should I go social."

She was the eldest daughter of the Cheng Group and she deserved to be admired. Even if she wasn't admired, she could still be respected like fish in the water in the social circles. However, as long as Amanda come, she would always be set off. Everyone only saw her now.

She was not reconciled at all. Why could she be ignored like this? Why did she have to hide in the garden? She wouldn't feel so bad if she didn't have Amanda around, but Amanda pulled her back to the living room.

"Mrs. Susie, you two are so close." The people in the hall couldn't help laughing when they saw Susie was holding her hand.

Amanda clinked her glass with the man and said with a smile, "sure."

Susie was a little surprised. How could Amanda pull her hand in such a public occasion?

Charles quickly walked over and said, "Where have you been? Mr. Hua has been wondering about the program our company has implemented recently. Susie, please make an introduction now."

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