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   Chapter 139 Really Amazing

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6707

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Amanda rolled her eyes as she replied, "If the shepherdess was dressed like this, she was robbed by robbers in the forest a long time ago."

"Would not the robbers of the forest rob her if she did not wear them?" Darren asked.

"Of course. If she doesn't wear a dress, she must be very poor. How would a robber have the heart to rob her? Besides, she is poor. There is nothing worth robbing."

"Grab back to be the lady of the village." Said Darren nonchalantly.

"What?" Amanda was shocked.

"Let's go. It's time to go home." Darren didn't talk to her anymore. He took her straight back to the An family.

"For today's business party, I've confirmed that Cheng Group really hasn't met many clients. But Susie is a sociable person. What you need to do is very simple. You just need to be more popular than her." Said Darren.

"That's so easy." As long as she was the daughter-in-law of the An Group, she would be the center of attention wherever she went. Of course, this was all attributed to the man, which made her get used to the way he treated her.

Darren said, "no, it's not enough."

"What? What else do we need? " "Don't tell me you want all the people in the hall to follow me. I'm a low-key person. I don't think this way is suitable for me at all," she said, taking a deep breath.

He pinched her nose and gave her a pinch. The latter shouted, "Hey! What are you doing?"

"Amanda, is there anything wrong with your head?" Said Darren angrily.

As soon as he heard what she said, Amanda immediately explained, "Okay, okay. Tell me, what should I do?"

"First of all, let's confirm our purpose? Do you still remember the purpose of your revenge? " Said Darren flatly.

Then he thought of the pain Susie brought to her, and said with hatred, "I'll let Susie know what it's like to suffer."

"Obviously she won't get pregnant temporarily, so you can't let her feel the pain of losing her baby, which is also against the law." Said Darren, "the reason why Susie tre

he friend said with a sly smile. She cast a glance at Amanda who was in the middle and hinted something else.

Susie knew what she meant. She sighed and said, "it's all my uncle's and my aunt's fault. They passed away a long time ago. And Amanda is a disobedient child. She have been living abroad for so many years and she have indulged herself a lot. My parents are very worried about her."

"Oh, I see. Being a gentlemanly lady, you should be well behaved. Although she gave herself a smug satisfaction, it is obvious that you are the daughter of a prominent family." Her friend said.

But Susie had already left. There was no point for her to keep her away from the crowd. She took a walk and said goodbye to Charles immediately.

Susie ignored her and went to the garden. There were many handsome men and beautiful girls. The people in the hall were talking about business, while they were here just for fun. There were also other acquaintances around. Susie was very happy to drink with them.

"Susie, tell us whether the news on the newspaper is true or not. You know a lot about people around you." A girl asked Susie curiously.

Susie waved her hand and said, "there's nothing to talk about. Don't you know what the truth is?"

"Your sister is so awesome! Why don't you learn from her?" Someone said with a smile.

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