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   Chapter 137 Specific Visit At Noon

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"Do you really want to start your vacation?" Seeing her behave like this, he knew she didn't want to go to work.

"How dare I take the vacation? The Cheng Group is my real battlefield. I want to give them a few more days and make them worry about me. "

"Are they anxious or you worried? Think how many tricks they've played behind your back, and you can still talk so comfortably." Darren said indifferently, "if you want to stay here, just do it. I'm not so bored to care about these things of yours every day."

Then she added, "I'm not staying up. I'll go back to work tomorrow."

"Cook me some porridge." Said Darren.

"You've already had your dinner. Why do you still have porridge?" Was the man teasing her deliberately? It was already nine o'clock in the evening. "Drinking so much in the evening is indigestible."

"Porridge with corn and chicken."

"Hey, it's very late now. You should go to bed. Don't drink anything at night." Johnny proposed.

"Do not add chopped green onion, or additional seasonings, or even a little salt." The person on the other side was still reading the documents in a calm manner.

Then Amanda stood up and said, "Hey, did you hear me? Stop having porridge at night and don't read the papers. You should go to bed now."

"If I am hungry, I don't have the strength to set a trap for you." Said Darren casually, throwing the documents aside and leaning against the cushion.

Threatening, this was a threatening. Amanda cast a glare at him for a while. Then she went to the kitchen to cook porridge as told.

"The dishes you made are actually good. Even if you are driven out, you won't starve to death in the future." Said Darren as he appeared at the door of the kitchen and smelled the fragrance in the air.

"Even if you drive me out, I won't starve to death. Do you want to have a try?" At the same ti

I meet her." Amanda reported to Darren.

"A boring tea party. Susie might enjoy it very much." Said Darren.

Amanda thought for a while and found this was Susie's place for socializing, "what should I do?" She asked immediately.

"It depends on the lunch." Said Darren.

"At noon?" Amanda was baffled.

"How's the cook at noon?"

"Can you stop kidding, Darren? "Amanda was helpless.

"I'm not kidding. I'm just telling the truth." "That's it. I have a meeting to attend." Then he hung up.

The whole morning, Amanda spent a boring and lonely time in the room. Susie didn't come to work today and everyone behaved well. After she was invited by Simon to talk with him sincerely for a while, she left directly with an excuse that she had something to talk to Darren.

When she came back at noon, Darren hadn't arrived home yet. Driven by jealousy, Amanda rushed into the kitchen and grumbled, "It depends on the cook at noon. Am I really a bad cook? If I don't cook well this time, I won't be Amanda. "

"Not Amanda? Are you sure?" A man's voice came from behind, which scared the hell out of Amanda. She screamed and turned back.

Startled, Darren was punched on the nose. All of a sudden, his face twitched out of pain.

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