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   Chapter 134 Why Are You Here

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Someone said in a hurry, "Vice president, please take a look. Mrs. Amanda hit the headlines again."

Amanda was stunned. She hit the headlines again. What happened to her? This time, would they take any pictures of her and Henry? She was afraid that she would ruin these gossip magazines and newspapers sooner or later.

"What happened?" Susie wanted to read the newspaper carefully, but another person took it away before she could get it. Susie was about to get angry, but she found the person was Amanda. Thinking that she had been hit by Amanda, no one in the company dared to make a sound. Her father even asked her to tolerate.

Susie was not resigned to that, but right now she couldn't fight against Amanda directly. Amanda was tough and didn't care anything, but she couldn't be like her.

However, Susie felt happy when thinking there must be bad news. If Amanda read it, she would get even angrier.

Amanda took over the newspaper, and the cover was 'Cheating was a rumor. The couple of An Group were as sweet as newlyweds.'

The picture was taken when they went out for dinner last night. It could be seen from the picture that it was taken secretly. But it was taken clearly that Darren was tiding up his clothes, and also that Darren was holding Amanda's hand. The reporter even analyzed how the An Group couple were still so sweet, and showed the sweet past of them. It said that since the couple got married, they had been suspected by many people, but in fact, they loved each other very much.

The whole story let Amanda totally cleared her name. And it didn't go to details of the matter that Darren went to see Rose and was photographed. No one could doubt that Amanda had a good relationship with Darren, because everyone had firmly believed that An Group would not let go of Amanda.

It was then Amanda realized that this was exactly the surprise that Darren told her. The photos he arranged yesterday were exactly these ones. She couldn't help smiling and thought that Darren's arrangement was truly flawless.

rom each one who cared for her or sent out a malicious call.

It had never been so relaxed before. But Amanda didn't know that when she sat here and cried silently, Lionel was standing outside the window and looking at her quietly. He stood straight, and his shadow looked long in the setting sun, just like a helpless sigh.

"I don't know when you will wake up. When you wake up, I will be an old woman. If we go out together, they don't believe that we are siblings. What should we do? You have to protect me well. Wake up soon." Every time Amanda came, she would talk to Sheryl with a hopeful expression.

But every time Sheryl's breath was smooth and his eyes were sharp. And this time it was no exception.

Then Amanda turned around and was about to leave. She was stunned at the figure standing at the door.

"Let's go." Said Darren after she came out.

"Why are you here?" Amanda asked in surprise.

"Why can't I be here?" Darren asked.

Amanda said, "I didn't tell you I was here. Why are you here?"

"You don't need to think too much. Where can you go after leaving the company?" Said Darren flatly.

"I have plenty of places to go. I can go to Maggie's place, go shopping, have a cup of coffee or something. There are plenty of idle places." Amanda smiled. But her reddened eyes and hoarse voice couldn't conceal her true emotions.

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