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   Chapter 133 Do You Like This Gift

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There was a piece of newspaper which she took a picture with Lionel on the desk. The latter was sitting in her office. The latter grabbed the newspaper and tore it into pieces. Her heart was filled with rage and resentment, and she didn't know what she was hating. Should she have hated the family for forcing her into an indentured marriage, or the unscrupulous press for putting her and Lionel under so much pressure? Or maybe she should hate Darren for ruining her life. Or she should have hated Lionel for betraying their affection so easily.

But it was unnecessary to hate somebody. She knew clearly that if two people couldn't be together firmly, no matter what happened this time or next time, they couldn't overcome the difficulties. If they were just ordinary people, it would be great if they could live a simple life and didn't need to bear so many troubles.

Unfortunately, none of them were the same kind of person. Therefore, under the gaze of the crowd, they could only helplessly and heavily walk forward.

Tears slowly rolled down from the corners of her eyes. In spite of his helpless attitude, he did not choose her. Her first surging heart, finally, was stopped by such a fearful situation. There was only slight regret left behind.

When Amanda was weeping silently, an employee, who was standing in front of the meeting room, pushed the door open and called her in. When she saw her wiping her tears, she was slightly surprised. Then she said in a low voice, "Mrs. Amanda, it's time for a meeting."

Amanda recognized the girl who had reminded her to leave yesterday. She smiled and said, "Leave the materials here. I'll go later."

The girl nodded. As she turned around, she heard Amanda leaning behind her say, "thank you very much yesterday."

The girl turned around and said, "That's what I should do. You are welcome."

The meeting had already started when Amanda walked into the conference room. Charles was making a report.

a joined us is that she wants to take charge of the real estate development of our cooperation with the An Group. If she is fired, how can we find a responsible person? So for the cooperation case, we have to keep Amanda at our company."

Simon nodded and said, "Everything your brother saw is right. We are all doing this for the development of the real estate."

Susie felt wronged and said, "I know, but you didn't see. Now even Amanda dares to hit me in the company."

"I don't think she can hold on any longer. She's overwhelmed by grief, after all. Don't provoke her. It's not good for you." Simon persuaded.

Susie walked away with dissatisfaction.

Simon sighed and said, "The business is getting worse and worse. I am afraid it will be difficult to continue the business that we have relied on her. Once someone hear that she has the news, they are going to cancel the contract."

Looking miserable, Charles said, "I feel embarrassed to negotiate the contract with others. It's all her fault. She shouldn't have done such a shameful thing."

Back in the office, Amanda poured water on the flower that was planted in the office leisurely. Suddenly, she heard a scream outside and stuck her head out of the office curiously.

"What are you yelling about?" Susie walked out and said crossly.

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