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   Chapter 132 How Dare You Slap Me

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6006

Updated: 2020-02-09 00:26

"I'm angry that you talked about me behind my back. If I don't release all of you, I'll ask my husband to use the power of his connections so that all of you won't work here." Amanda said casually.

"Mrs. Amanda, we know we are wrong. Please forgive us." Hearing that they were fired and blocked the way, everyone panicked. They hated themselves for gossiping.

"Since I have said it, it means that I am not going to do it." Noticing that the girls get flustered, she explained calmly, "I know I will get nothing if I fire a dozen of employees. And you'll only accuse me of being guilty. Although I don't mind it, I will make efforts to keep a level. By the time you get off work this afternoon, everyone will write a self-criticism letter for me, above 5000 words and with sincerity."

Then she stood up and opened the door. Susie walked to her and said, "Amanda, how dare you push me?"

"Fuck off!" Amanda said.

Susie grabbed her clothes and shouted, "Who do you think you are? You're just a good for nothing freeloader. How dare you sneer at me? "

"What happened? What's wrong? " Hearing the noise, Charles hurried out of the office and found that it was Amanda and Susie who were fighting.

Susie slapped Amanda in a rage. Amanda didn't want to show her weakness. She had wanted to slap Susie for a long time, but in case of alerting the enemy, she endured it all the time. It was a heaven sent opportunity for Susie to slap her today.

Susie and Amanda are about the same, but Susie is a pamperous young lady, the body is delicate and weak that can do nothing, Amanda is thin arms thin legs, but very tenacious, so Amanda hit Susie is no problem at all.

The others, who had been reprimanded by Amanda earlier, didn't dare to come up to help when they saw what was happen

ily and the An family, it was more than enough to fire her. I am telling you, she dares to beat me in the company. She has disgraced our Cheng family. Could it be that the matter had been so airily uncovered? Bro, I'm your sister. How can you not defend me under such a circumstance? You disappoint me. "

"Sister, it's not that I don't take your side. You know that no matter what happened, he is Mr. Darren's wife. Although we both know that he seems not to care about me at all, do you still remember when I was in hospital?"

Susie smiled and said, "Brother, don't be afraid. Do you remember that last time you went to An Group aggressively to find Amanda? There were so many people watching us and Mr. Darren was so shameless. He surely want to teach you a lesson. But now she has cuckolded him, which humiliated him. Mr. Darren might have wanted to hit her for a long time, but he just can't do anything about it, you are her family. She did such a shameless thing, we should discipline her. You and dad have the right to discipline her. "

Charles agreed with what Susie had said. But he was really afraid of Darren, so he said something to please Susie and asked her to leave right away.

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