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   Chapter 125 An Encounter With Lady Amanda

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Hearing Charles' ingratiating praise, Amanda straightforwardly said, "They come to me for my sake, and it's not good for the Cheng Group. If I'm not Darren's wife one day, will they continue to cooperate with us? It's hard to say. A market that has not been opened by strength will never be stable, so I won't take over the business anymore."

Charles smiled and said, "It's normal for you to come and go in business. I know what Susie said yesterday went too far. I have criticized her. She is jealous now. Don't be angry."

"Please go back, brother. I'm not mad at it. I just worry about the Cheng family's improving performance. I'm more interested in personnel management than business." Amanda said. She wanted to put the experience she had learned from Gregorio back to work.

Seeing that Amanda had been wearing a cold face, Charles' face turned cold. Susie passed by and saw Charles. She went to his office and asked with a smile, "what's wrong? Did you get the cold shoulder?"

Charles sat down and was still angry, "Amanda is too self-righteous. She's just got a few deals, she's so cocky. Just because she's Darren's wife makes her feel like the boss. She didn't think that without me, she'd still be a pain in the neck at the company.

Susie comforted him, "brother, you should have known that you have flattered her too much these days."

"So it is."

"I don't think so. What's going on?"

Susie didn't know why there was a crowd of discussion outside, so she went out and said, "It's work time. Are you all free?"

Someone said in a low voice, "No, Mrs. Susie, something wrong." While speaking, he handed a piece of newspaper to Susie.

Susie took the huge page and had a look at the picture. Under the huge page, there was a photo of Amanda and Lionel, who were talking and laughin

ad premonition arose in her heart when she saw her like this. After a while, she received a call from Lionel, who said anxiously on the other end of the line, "don't be afraid, my dear. I'll take care of this. "

"What?" Before she could react, many people started to talk on the other side of the line. Lionel hung up the phone in a hurry.

Amanda don't know what happened. All of a sudden, an ordinary staff rushed into the back door in a flurry and said, "Mrs. Amanda, you'd better go out to avoid it from the back door. There are a crowd of reporters in front, if they know the back door, you will be unable to go out later."

reporter? What was going on? Why are there reporters coming over? "She asked.

"Don't you know? "The clerk was surprised.

"What do I want to know? What are you talking about? I don't understand. "

The clerk was also anxious. Noticing the newspapers which hadn't been opened, she grabbed the paper from her hand and urged her. "Hurry up. It's too late."

So she opened the newspaper and saw the picture of her and Lionel. The title of the news that Amanda had an affair with a rich man was published in the front, but the photo of Lionel was processed on the face.

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