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   Chapter 124 Don't Try To Escape

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6789

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Looking at the ceiling above her, Amanda couldn't hold back her tears any more. They were streaming down her cheeks. It was not fine at all.

During these days, Darren helped her make a living in Cheng Group, but all he did was to find Susie for revenge. So what? She vented Maggie's anger and her anger.

However, she was still a pawn. She could not freely pursue what she wanted.

"Do you think you can get divorced even after closing the cooperation case? As long as I don't let you go, I'll see who dares to do so." Seeing her crying in despair, Darren became more angry and violent. He even stretched one of his hands to pinch Amanda's chin to force her to look into his eyes.

"Darren, you are such a crazy man. You don't love me. Why do you have to destroy me?" Amanda eyes were full of tears. She sobbed, "You never lack of women. You have everything you want. I have nothing. I don't have any freedom. Why do you force me to lose more?"

He said, "Because I am strong enough, because I want it." Then he bowed his head and kissed on Amanda's lips.

At this time, the phone of Amanda rang. Darren saw that the screen of her phone was lit up and it was from Lionel.

It was already late, but he still dared to call Amanda. Normally, Darren had already returned to his bedroom at this time, and so did Amanda. There must be a lot of phone calls behind the scenes.

At the sight of the caller's name, Amanda resisted even more intensely. Perhaps she saw the name of Lionel, her hope was rekindled.

Darren raised his hand to take the phone and said, "Do you want to hear his voice? Then I'll answer it for you and let him hear your voice."

His words frightened the hell out of Amanda. She shook her head repeatedly and begged, "No! Please don't!"

"He should like it. No man can refuse such a soft and charming voice. But unfortunately, it's me who makes you sound like this, which may be unbearable for him." Darren raised his hand, about to unlock the screen.

"No! Please don't!" Then Amanda str

e more Amanda thought about it, the soberer she became. She washed her face and decided to go to the company. The morning shift was over, so Amanda changed into her high collar clothes and drove slowly to the company.

It wasn't long after she got to the office. With a long face, Charles hurried to her. He said, "Amanda, where did you go yesterday? I called you so many times, but why didn't you answer the phone? Don't you know that there are a lot of things in the company delay because of you?"

"What's the matter in the company can be delayed because of me? I'm just a furnishing and has no real purpose." Amanda leaned against the chair and said indifferently. She didn't want to talk to him anymore.

Detecting the complaining look on Amanda's face, Charles chuckled awkwardly, "How could you say that you're good at nothing? You've made a great contribution to the company. Many of the cases were signed because of you. We all know that Mrs. Amanda is a capable woman."

However, Amanda just felt ironic. There was no way she could find a way to settle down a business. She was just sitting there and doing nothing. The moment she talked to the people, they would settle the deal without thinking because of her identity in An Group. But now that she had chosen to leave Darren, she wouldn't use her identity as Mr. Darren's wife anymore.

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