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   Chapter 122 Tell Me Everything

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6421

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"Forget it. I can't even support myself." Amanda lay on her bed lazily.

Maggie leaned over and asked, "Are things not going well in the company?"

She looked up and said, "you can read mind now."

"You have been depressed since you came here. Your relatives will definitely not allow you to stay in the Cheng group. Alas, when will your involuntarily life end?" She heaved a deep sigh. Their home is not a business, there is no way to help Amanda resolve the current predicament.

Amanda smiled. "Not much. I have something important to do."

Maggie didn't understand. "What happened?"

"That's a secret. It would be a pleasant surprise if it can arrive before your wedding." I will send the person who killed your child to the damned hell and take all the pain back to her.

"I'm so curious. Tell me now." As she had no idea what Amanda was thinking, she became curious at once and caught Amanda by the arm, but she didn't want it to talk to Maggie.

If she knew what had happened, she would definitely kill Susie with her. However, Maggie had a good relationship with her. And if Simon used Sheryl to deal with Maggie, she might not be able to hurt him.

She was delighted to see that Maggie was fine and would marry to Henry.

"It seems that Amy really likes you. Why don't you take her away?" Maggie proposed as she saw the little Samoyed have been wandering around Amanda palace.

Amanda liked the happy Samoyed very much. She asked with a smile, "if I take it away, what do you want to do to kill time?"

"I also have another one, but she is very lazy. When Henry bought a pair of dogs, we were going to keep one dog each, but I don't know why. After living with him for a few days, SUSE lost a lot of weight. So I took it over and raised it myself. Maggie curled her lips. She couldn't help disdaining that Henry was a rubbish when she thought that the SUSE is so thin now.

Henry's m

her heart racing when she was kissed by the man before her.

"Remember, you're my woman. No matter what, as long as you need me, you must come for me. Don't be silly to swallow anything or bear it yourself," he said in a slightly breathless voice, putting his hands around her shoulders

Then Amanda looked away with a guilty conscience.

Seeing that she was fine, he was relieved. He was worried that the people in the Cheng Group would bully her. But now, it seemed that Amanda had been behaving sedate, which made him suspicious.

"Is it really because of her outstanding ability?" The man muttered to himself. Then he picked up the phone and ordered, "check the recent information of Cheng Group's partners."

The phone of Charles was almost bursting. He didn't get any response to the text messages. He had no choice but to go to the business party directly. He scolded in a low voice, "Amanda, you're still not answering my phone. Now there are more and more business partners for Cheng family. If I dump you, I can cooperate with them too."

She didn't care about the dinner at all, so she didn't join it. In the afternoon, she went to see Sheryl, manicure him and even wash his face. She was a loving sister, and she just wanted to be with her younger brother.

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