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   Chapter 121 Ready To Get Married

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At the sight of the message, Amanda let out a cold laugh and deleted it.

"Are you all right leaving the company like this?" asked Kevin with concern.

"Nothing. I just don't want to stay in the company. It won't affect my work." Amanda smiled casually. All of a sudden, her phone rang. Amanda looked ahead and said, "I'd like to take a walk, Kevin. You can go home now."

Kevin parked the car steadily and said, "Then please call me if you need."

Amanda nodded her head and didn't answer the phone until Kevin drove away.

Lionel chuckled, "Wasn't it inconvenient for you?"

"Well, it's very convenient now. Are you very busy recently?" Amanda was excited as she walked while speaking.

"Yes. I have something to deal with. I heard that you went to Cheng Group. Have you been bullied?" Lionel asked.

"No, they dare not." There was nothing bad happening to Amanda at Cheng Group, except that Maggie lost her baby because of Susie. She had to stay here to revenge Susie for the two kids, which involved the scheme of Amanda and Darren. So she didn't intend to tell the truth to Lionel.

Lionel nodded, "I guess so. Don't worry. I'll leave some cases of project cooperation between Cheng family and Gu family to you. With these things in hand, no one dares to look down upon you."

"No need for that. No one would look down upon me. You know, if they don't like me, they won't change because of what I have in my hand." Amanda smiled. She knew that Darren had helped her a lot secretly. He helped her with many cases about cooperation and the efficiency of signing the contract, which made Simon praise her.

"Don't worry. The business of our family should be run by the future hostess." Lionel said directly, thinking that Amanda was embarrassed.

"Who is the hostess? You are kidding me!" Amanda felt embarrassed and shy.

"Let's have lunch together. I

mily had been preparing for the engagement when I pretended to be engaged with him. At that time, Henry wanted to delay it with the excuse of miscarriage prevention. Although a lot of things happened later accidentally, they had been preparing for it. It wouldn't take long."

A little snow-white Samoyed ran in, and its fat body was like a snowball. Maggie raised her hand and said, "Amanda, Amanda, come over."

The little Samoyed ran over happily, but it was more interested in Amanda. It clasped her legs and made a bow to Amanda. Amanda bypassed it. This little Samoyed thought she was playing some game with it, so it chased her happily.

"The dog is so clingy. Is it called Amanda?" He was so happy to play with the cute puppy.

"Right, isn't it great, Amanda, Amanda?" Maggie smiled.

Then Amanda tickled Maggie, "Maggie, how dare you call your dog by my name. You are too much!"

Maggie burst into laughter, hiding from the hand of Amanda, and said, "My god, Amanda is much more famous than you. Moreover, our family dog are a couple. The other one is called Maggie. Do you understand?"

Amanda grabbed her hand and smiled, "If you have two more dogs, what names are you going to call them?"

"How about you keep one?" Maggie said.

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