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   Chapter 120 Profits And Taking Advantages

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Amanda smiled casually, "You're right. I wasn't that busy when I worked as the vice president of An Group. But grandpa loved me at that time and sent the most capable assistant, Gregorio to help me, so that I could relax."

"Vice president's work is supposed to be busy. People can be relying on for a while, but we can't rely on for a lifetime. The sooner we build up foundation, the better. In case you accidentally fall, right?" Susie smiled coldly.

Amanda gave Susie a reassuring smile. She had been trained by Darren with ease and it was easy for her to deal with Susie. She then said, "It's time to build a solid foundation. The situation changes fast if a competent opponent came. I should be more careful. But there are so many social engagements recently and I'm really tired. You'd better give me the chance as soon as possible. I have to go to Black Dragon's business party at noon. Anyway, you don't have more issues, do you?"

Then she left in joy.

Susie's face turned pale immediately. At first, Charles said certainly that Black Dragon only gave Cheng Group an invitation to attend the business party, so Charles was allowed to go. He had never mentioned about Amanda.

'Damn it! How dare he lie to me!' Susie couldn't believe this and turned to look for Charles directly.

After Amanda returned to her office, she made coffee in the tea room. She couldn't help smiling when she saw Susie go to see Charles.

Susie walked into Charles's office and shouted, "Charles, what do you mean exactly?"

On the other side, Charles was talking with a client on the phone. Hearing Susie's shout, he immediately made an apology to the client and hung up the phone. He said unhappily, "What are you doing? Are you making a scene so the others can laugh at you?"

Susie walked up to Charles and snapped, "Charles, what do you mean? Why did you ask Amanda to join the business party of Black Dragon? I remember you told me before that Black Dragon only invited you."

Seeing her arguin

"I don't know. For now, it is sure that Mr. Darren doesn't know. So don't mention it anymore." Said Charles.

Susie was stunned for a while and then became joyful, "I know, because she dare not."

"What do you mean by dare not?" Charles was startled by her sudden switch.

Susie said, "She dare not let Mr. Darren know. How could this woman not tell Mr. Darren, unless the child is not Mr. Darren's. So she dare not tell him. It must be true."

Startled, Charles replied crossly, "I don't want to talk about it anymore. Don't think too much. Go back now. I have to check Amanda. She was obviously angry just now."

Susie was satisfied with what she had said and heard. After she learned that Charles was just making advantage of Amanda to do something, she was satisfied and left on her silver high heels.

Charles hurried to Amanda's office and found no one there. And the phone call was also not answered.

After that, Charles immediately ran out of the office and found that Amanda's was missing too. He couldn't believe that she had left Cheng Group without telling him. Charles was a little angry at her. Although Amanda had helped him with so many orders, he couldn't tolerate her unreasonable behavior. He called her again, but Amanda didn't answer. So Charles texted her directly, "Come back to the company now."

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