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   Chapter 119 No Time For The Business Banquet

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"Charles was the second in command of the company. He will take me to negotiate cases. You know, I don't worry about Charles, but I am afraid that Simon will see through our plan. After all, he is really dangerous. As for his schemes, I am not sure." In the Cheng family, The person Amanda feared most was Simon, who always seemed the kindest. She remembered that many years ago, with a smiling face, he forced her to sign a certificate that required her to give up the shares. He took her to have a look at Sheryl, who was lying on the hospital bed, with his eyes fixated on her. Then he sent her on a plane that was far away.

Many people said that the Simon was a kind and sympathetic person. He saved the company from embarrassment when the company was in danger. Only Amanda could truly feel the coldness in his heart and her fear to him was erected unconsciously.

"Who do you think is more powerful, me or him?"

One was the young master of the An Group, while the other was the chairman of the Cheng family. Frankly speaking, Darren was very accurate and stable in his actions. It was inevitable that Simon was somewhat timid, but because he had the support of Nicholas, Simon did not retreat. It was hard to say.

"You should be more capable." "After all, he is old now. He doesn't have the courage to fight anymore."

"Smart enough. Are you afraid of me?" Darren looked at her and asked.

"Yes, I am."

Feeling a little surprised, he asked unconsciously, "Why are you afraid of me?"

"You are the young master of the An Group, and you have a lot of money on your back. It's normal that I'm afraid of you, isn't it?"

"You can't be so halfhearted to answer my question." "Look at my wounds. Are you afraid of me?"

"I'm afraid but that doesn't mean I have to surrender. If you push too far, of course I'll fight back." Amanda glared. She didn't stab him. He treated her so cruelly like a l

e Susie so angry. When they were at home, Susie talked a lot about how to manage the company. To their surprise, their father was optimistic about Amanda too. Amanda was not a capable man, but because of her identity as the daughter-in-law of the An Group, why did everyone keep a distance from her and even give her the company.

Susie always thought she was ten times better than her. Amanda had a hard time abroad and made a splash here. No one knew she was the lady from the Cheng family but no one would remember her.

In Susie's eyes, Amanda was a drag on her by the Cheng Family. As soon as he proposed to marry her because of the cooperation plan between the An Family and the Cheng Family, Susie didn't take his words seriously. She thought he was only a temporary pawn.

But then the generous remuneration the an family offered to Susie made her jealous. Susie could get everything she didn't have easily. Why could a pawn of the an family be so lucky? She was not convinced. The better Amanda had, the more hateful she was for her.

She stood up, put on an elegant and graceful smile and said, "Mrs. Amanda, I know you are very busy these days. You have a large group of clients. You are so kind to do business for our family. It's really hard work for you."

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