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   Chapter 117 Starting The Investigation

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6646

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Then she sat down and sent a message to Darren. "The new office is ready. I'm satisfied with it."

Darren requested her to report everything to him so that he could grasp what was going on and analyze the situation.

When Charles just came back to his office, Susie ran after him and said, "Brother, are you crazy? Why do we need to prepare her office? Isn't her office for me? Why don't you give your office to her instead of mine? "

Charles said impatiently, "what are you talking about? Why don't you do all those bad things and let me do them? You have a diamond necklace. Why don't you sell this necklace and divide it to us?"

Susie snorted, "how can you say give it to me for free? It's just a gift for the first meeting given by Mr. Darren. If you want it more, why don't you turn into a girl?"

Charles chuckled, "He didn't mean to buy you anything. He just want to help Amanda get the necklace back. If I were you, I would be so ashamed to be reminded by him in this way."

Susie flushed with shame. She pointed at Charles and said, "Okay, When will you do something bad, don't expect me to cover up your mistakes for you."

In Charles's mind, Susie had taken advantage of Amanda. He felt humiliated after being scolded in vain last night, so he said a few sarcastic words to her. He knew his sister very well, she had bad temper and spoiled appearance. He didn't intend to offend her. So he hastened to say, "My dear sister, calm down please. I haven't done anything to this matter yet. Dad asked me to do so. "

Getting his consent, Susie became silent. Simon was a respected and powerful man in the Cheng family. Susie stamped her feet and complained, "Fuck! How could she deserve that place?"

All of a sudden, loud noise came from outside, which shocked both Charles and Susie.

Evan Simon hurriedly walked out, only to see a group of people directly entering Amanda's office. There were things carrying and equipment, which attracted everyone's attention

how to talk about it." Amanda proposed.

Charles quickly said, "Okay. I'll go to the Han Group tomorrow with you. You and Mr. Han are just catching up."

"Okay. I'll try to get some red wine recently. By the way, I can take some free wine to do the business," said Amanda. Amanda made it clear in advance that she was not involved in anything, just following him This way, even if she didn't get in touch with the Cheng family's business at all, he could get the project. This was really a good bargain.

To the appointed time, Susie entered the company and found that Amanda, was coming out with Charles. She stopped and asked, "what are you going now?"

"Go to the Han Group and talk about the cooperation plan." Said Charles.

Susie glanced at her, "Take her with you, and you're not afraid to screw it up. Don't mention the Xia Group."

"It seems that you are very concerned about me. That's good, but you should pay more attention to it as well." Then she got on the car and left.

When they arrived at Han Group. Charles, being the general manager of Cheng group, was greeted into the reception room.

"Mr. Charles, you are so punctual." A young man walked in. Charles introduced him to his sister. "Sister, this is Leo, general manager of Han group." Then he said to Leo, "she is my sister, Amanda."

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