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   Chapter 116 Power And Value

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6516

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As soon as they arrived at An family, Amanda handed the necklace to Darren.

Darren raised his head and asked, "What for?"

"This is from Mr. Bruce for An family, and it's better for you to keep it." Amanda said, "It's valuable. It's dangerous to keep it with me."

Darren frowned slightly, "No."

Amanda put it away and murmured, "Then don't blame me if it's lost. I can do nothing about it."

"It won't be lost unless you throw it away." Said Darren flatly.

"What do you mean by that? Do you think that I threw it away on purpose?" Amanda asked, raising her eyebrows.

Darren said, "This necklace is unique. No matter where it is, I can find it back. It is just a problem whether I want to find it or not. If you throw it away, I will never try to find it."

"I'm not a fool. It's so expensive. Why should I throw it away." Amanda felt the box. The earrings on her ears were glowing. It was a gift from Mr. Song. They looked beautiful on her ears.

"Wait!" Darren stopped Amanda, who was about to go upstairs. Amanda turned around and asked, "What's up?"

"Just cook some porridge." Darren said, "I felt a little uncomfortable after drinking some wine."

At the dinner, Simon and Charles did have a lot of toasts to Darren. Seeing his slight frown, Amanda nodded her head. Now she and Darren were comrades in arms, and it was true that they needed each other's help. She changed her clothes and came downstairs to make porridge for him.

In fact, Darren didn't want to eat that much. He just didn't want to go back to him room alone. Amanda came down to cook. He sat in the living room and watched the news. The volumes of the news was low, but the sound from the kitchen was very clear. It was the sound of washing water and colliding with bowls and chopsticks.

The voice sounded quite warm, which was a bit strange but common.

There was a slight sweet smell in the kitchen as Darren approached the kitchen unconsc

knows how to hold a high position. Don't forget, you are Mrs. An." Said Darren, "Even if you don't want to admit it, this title still can help you a lot."

"Got it." Amanda nodded.

The next day, as soon as Amanda arrived at the company, Charles came over and smiled, "Come with me, Amanda."

Amanda put her handbag on the cubicle desk, but Charles took her bag up and said, "Your office has been cleaned up. You don't need to come here anymore."

Amanda thought of what Darren had said yesterday, she smiled at Charles and said, "Darren just said a few words undesignedly yesterday, you don't have to take his words seriously."

"Don't say so. I was too busy to take care of you. It was all my fault. How's the condition here? If it's not good, we can change it." Charles took her to the newly decorated office in a hurry.

The office had been newly decorated. It was clean and tidy. Amanda smiled and said, "Thank you, brother. Everything is fine."

Hearing that he made a good arrangement, Charles breathed a sigh of relief. Last night, Simon called him into his study and repeated the words he said to him. He shouldn't look down upon Amanda anymore.

"Well, maybe, it seems that Amanda is the real lucky girl." Simon said thoughtfully.

How dare Charles not to flatter Amanda.

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