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   Chapter 115 It's Dangerous To Be Your Enemy

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6705

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Darren said, "I've heard that Cheng Group doesn't have enough space, so Amanda doesn't have a single office right now. If it's convenient for you, please ask Amanda to work from home. If it's not convenient for you, the office building opposite to Cheng Group is owned by An family. I'll ask someone to tidy it up and transfer Amanda to that place. What do you think of it?"

Simon asked in surprise, "Doesn't Amanda have her office? What's going on?" He asked Charles sternly.

It was out of Charles's expectation that Darren would bring it up right now. He just wanted to embarrass Amanda at that time. Amanda would be also fine staying in the cubicles, why did she tell Darren. He apologized immediately once Darren asked, "It was all my fault. I'm going to prepare it tomorrow, and I've told them long time ago."

But Amanda didn't give him a hard time. After all, Charles wasn't her main target.

Susie went upstairs and took the necklace for Amanda.

Then Amanda opened the box. A string of shining diamonds immediately attracted everyone's attention. The gift from Mr. Bruce was absolutely precious. However, it was for Amanda. Everyone thought that she didn't deserve it.

"Oh, this is the necklace that Mr. Gu gave you. I haven't taken a good look at it yet. I heard that he planned to give it to his granddaughter-in-law. We didn't expect that he gave it to you." Said Darren flatly.

Suddenly, a thought came to her mind. Amanda looked at Darren subconsciously.

There was no emotion in the man's black eyes, as if he were just a cold robot speaking. He knew what she was thinking. She seemed to be interested in the title of granddaughter-in-law, but she was wrong. It was because of the identity of An family that she was chosen.

"You'd better keep such a precious gift." Susie had a pretty smile on her face, "Amanda is always rash when doing things. I'm worried about it for you."

"That's so kind of you, sister." Amanda said calmly.

"Amanda, we are family now. Ta

mind of the character and speed of the game are under your control. Today, it's just a small test, and you know what chips would be useful to achieve good results. Absolute good or bad is very weak. Just like if you only ask for the necklace, other people will say that you're narrow-minded. If you give her a necklace and ask for the original one, then her self-esteem will be hurt." Said Darren.

Amanda said, "But it takes too much to get the necklace back. The diamond necklace you gave her also looked very expensive." she added.

Darren said, "Because she was my prey, so no matter how much I gave out, I would take it back. Moreover, if I want to get, I should give out first. She would feel much more painful when she have to give up in future. Giving up is worse than can't obtain."

"You are so horrible." Amanda murmured. Darren analyzed calmly and looked like a monster. Anyone who was his opponent would be in trouble.

Darren sneered, "I'm horrible. If someone stabbed me on the chest, it would almost take my life. Isn't this person a devil?"

"I had no choice at that time." Amanda added.

"No matter what, just do it and don't regret for what you have done." Said Darren flatly.

Just as he knew, it would probably hard to clean up in the end if he continued the game, but he had to play it even for her.

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