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   Chapter 114 Don't Be An Outsider

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Facing the enthusiasm of Cheng family, Darren just gave an indifferent reply. Amanda was standing next to him holding his hands, as if she was invisible. Everyone in the family was busy greeting Darren, no one had time to pay attention to her. But Amanda was not annoyed at all, she just smiled.

"Are you feeling better now?" Darren asked, looking sideways.

"I'm not that fragile." Amanda said, smiling.

Simon was always ready to take hint. He immediately asked with concern, "What's wrong with Amanda? Are you not feeling well?"

Darren said, "She is having a fever today. I didn't want her to come out, but she insisted, so I had to accompany her."

Susie jealously looked at Amanda who was holding Darren. Amanda had dressed up a little bit today. The pink earrings on her ears looked like crystals and beautiful. She was wearing a light pink gauze skirt, with a white cape and clavicle on the collarbone. She lifted her hand and revealed a shiny snow-white palm ring, which was simple in style, but obviously, the price was extraordinary.

Susie only recognized her necklace. It was a limited edition from AS Brand. The price of a necklace was equal to that of her car, which made Susie angry. She wondered how many good things Amanda got from An family.

"Here, Amanda. This is your favorite food. Your aunt has prepared it for you." In fact, Simon knew how much Darren valued Amanda, so he also became particularly enthusiastic about Amanda too.

Mrs. Li had been paying close attention to Darren. He was a wealthy son-in-law. When she was picking food for Darren, Amanda stopped her and said, "Aunt, please don't. Darren never accept food picked by others."

Mrs. Li was humiliated, but Darren didn't explain.

Susie was more dissatisfied with Amanda. She shouted, "What do you mean, Amanda? Is it possible that my mother drugged Darren? He hasn't said anything yet. How could you be so nosy?"

Simon said with a straight face, "Susie, how can you speak like that?"

Mrs. Li smiled awk

a gift from Mr. Gu. Amanda doesn't dare to give it to others casually."

Amanda held her laughter. When they were at home, Darren asked her to tell him everything, including Susie taking the necklace away. Therefore, Darren directly selected a more beautiful one and gave it to Susie to show his generosity. It would make Susie, who was unwilling to return the necklace, lose face in front of him.

The trick that Darren had used was just so infuriating, but he pulled a long face and said sincerely at the same time.

Susie blushed immediately. She said in a low voice, "I just borrow it from Amanda for a few days. If Amanda want it back, she can just ask me for it. Why did she bother to tell you? I won't be unreasonable."

As soon as Darren finished his words, the members of Cheng family felt embarrassed. Hearing what Susie said, they relieved. Mrs. Li's expression softened and began to berate, "That's right, Amanda. You know what kind of person your sister is. She didn't intend to forcibly take anything. Don't you regard her as a stranger?"

Amanda leaned her head against Darren's shoulder. Since Darren had given his instruction to her, she could lean over if she didn't want to talk. Amanda didn't want to start a fight with them.

Noticing the strength that Amanda had leaned over, Darren's eyes glittered with a smile.

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