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   Chapter 113 Have Fun Playing

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6988

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Then Amanda lay down on the bed and fell asleep. But Darren said coldly, "Do you want to take revenge on Susie?"

Amanda sat up immediately, "What did you say?"

"I think, you should destroy her with your own hands, it will be what you wish for. So do you want her to lose everything, suffering?" Darren said in a low and deep voice, like a coaxing devil. He slightly narrowed his eyes and looked high spirited, as if he was simply saying that the weather was good today.

"Do you have any idea?" Amanda asked in confusion.

"Yes, I have my own little tricks. I can play as I like and I have the ability to manipulate her." Darren smiled, "Do you want it?"

"But, Sheryl, I'm so worried about Sheryl." Worry was written all over Amanda's face.

Darren raised his hand to caress her face. Surprised, Amanda didn't move away. His slightly dry hand caressed her face, and Darren chuckled, "I said we were playing a game. How can we play if people could easily see through us."

He leaned close to Amanda and whispered in her ear, "I'll take you to a good place if you want to play."

"What result can we have?" Amanda's ear was getting hot. She turned to ask Darren.

"You can get whatever result you want. You can kill her as you wish and she can live as you wish." Darren's voice was calm, but Amanda could tell that he was confident and how easy it was for the big fish to face the small fish.

A person like Susie was like nothing in Darren's eyes. But, Amanda frowned and asked, "Why do you want to help me?"

"I don't want my wife to suffer because of my child." Darren said calmly, "But I have a condition. If you want to play, the rule is made by me. You must listen to me, or Susie wouldn't start this game."

"Okay." Amanda agreed without hesitation. She stared at Darren and asked, "Will you lie to me?"

He took a look at Amanda and said, "No, I won't. But if you mess around in half way, I won't play anymore."

"What do you mean by messing around? How could I?" Amanda said with upset.

"Messing around means against my will." Darren said straightfo


Darren slightly frowned, "Maggie is impulsive. If you are okay with it, tell her afterwards. Maggie will make a fuss and whatever she does will get you involved. We will not intervene in."

"Yes." This was probably the most convincing answer from the bottom of Amanda's heart, because Darren at this time was very forceful. She unconsciously believed that this man would take her to revenge and teach Susie a hard lesson as he said.

In the evening, Cheng family's courtyard was well decorated and brightly lit. It was obvious that the host took care of tonight's banquet. Darren and Amanda got off the car hand in hand. Simon was at the door greeting them with his family. Seeing them coming in, Simon immediately smiled and said, "You must be tired on the way. Darren, you are so busy with your business, and it's really difficult for you to take time to come here. Come on in!"

Mrs. Li was also happy, "Darren, when I heard from Susie that you were coming, I thought I was dreaming. I didn't expect you to really come."

Simon immediately said, "Don't stand in the doorway. Let's go in and talk. Darren, I must have a good drink with you today. Let's get hammered!"

Standing next to Mrs. Li, Susie specially wore an off the shoulder white dress which made her look elegant and noble. It was Darren who answered the phone and promised to come. She was looking forward to it.

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