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   Chapter 112 None Of Your Business

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6538

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The doctor just left from An family. Before he arrived home, he was called back by Darren again. He had no choice but to drive back.

Amanda came back to her consciousness, and saw that Darren was sitting by her bedside. "What are you doing here?" she asked.

"What happened to the baby?" Darren asked indifferently.

"What's the matter?" Amanda asked but looked away.

"I want you to tell me exactly how you lost your baby." Said Darren, putting his hands on her shoulders.

"Why should I tell you?" Amanda said in a cold tone. She was helpless. "Darren, that's all in the past."

"But you didn't let it go, did you? Or why are you so angry?" "Are you angry just for Maggie?" Darren asked.

"Maggie." Amanda felt a sharp pain in her heart and tears welled up in her eyes, "I'm sorry for Maggie. It was all my fault. It was Susie. She stretched her leg to stumble Maggie."

She began to whisper in a low voice and began to cry, as if she were a child who had been wronged.

Darren said patiently, "Tell me what makes you sad. Tell me everything. I'll handle it."

She must tell him her true thoughts frankly, and let him deal with all the disputes. He was her husband, and he should handle this.

Even though she didn't accept him at all, for now, their marriage was set in stone.

Amanda raised her head and stared at Darren. He also wanted to know how the baby in her womb was lost. She could see the pain in his eyes. Was it for the baby?

She bowed her head, but what else could she say? She was framed by Rose, but Darren got very angry, so he gave pressure to Cheng Group by withdrawing the investment. And Cheng family asked her to go back to coax Darren. That was how they started a quarrel in words, and then the baby was gone.

Noticing her hesitation and concerns, Darren raised his hand and held hers. He said firmly, "Tell me all of it."

However, Amanda shook off his hand and sneered, "I have nothing to t

ed. 'Why did she say that? How dare he hit An family's daughter-in-law?'

Amanda said that to Doctor Nian, but actually her words was targeting at Darren.

Darren said, "We have to go to Cheng family for dinner tonight. It would be better if you look better."

"Dinner at Cheng family?" Amanda asked in confusion.

Darren nodded his head and replied, "Yes. We will go to Cheng family for dinner. Susie called when you were watching the video. I have promised her for you." He asked with a teasing smile, "Don't tell me you dare not go."

"Yes, why not? I will go." Amanda's eyes were full of resentfulness. She wanted to make everything clear to Susie.

"Since you are going, you should see the doctor now. Otherwise, you won't look good if you are sick." Darren provoked Amanda as he knew what she cared about the most now.

For the sake of tonight, Amanda didn't allow herself to be sick. She agreed to have a check-up with Doctor Nian. When the doctor finished a set of check-up, Amanda had a slight fever. With a frown, he attempted to give Amanda an infusion. But Amanda felt that was too troublesome. She kind of agreed to take the medicine and then drove Doctor Nian away impatiently.

Doctor Nian touched his nose and thought, 'Both Mrs. An and Mr. Darren are not good patients.'

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