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   Chapter 111 She Feels Sad Too

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7531

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Maggie's phone rang and she was going to answer it. She had just complained about Henry, but gave a sweet smile immediately once she saw the phone.

All of a sudden, Maggie fell to the ground. It was in just a few seconds, Amanda opened her eyes wide and slowed down the play speed by four times. The monitoring function of Cheng Group was good. She could see clearly the details of the process even if she zoomed in. She didn't know whether it was against the outsider or against themselves. When Amanda saw Maggie fall down. Before that, Susie lifted one of her legs slightly.

It was her! Amanda had doubted it before, because Susie happened to stand there and Susie was not a kind-hearted person. Amanda wanted to find out the truth about Maggie's accident, so she went back to Cheng Group as soon as she left the hospital.

Susie didn't expect that she would go back to Cheng Group to get the video. She didn't know that Maggie had been hurt so badly, so she didn't think of hiding the surveillance video. Therefore Amanda could get the video easily.

Amanda's phone rang, but she ignored it. She was still staring at the image that Susie lifting her leg.

Darren was interrupted by the phone ring, but he saw Amanda hadn't answered all the time. He walked over and answered the phone for her, "Hello." he said coldly.

Susie was calling Amanda to ask her going back to have dinner at home. Because her father told her that since Amanda was back, she would be a member of Cheng family and they should have dinner together and explain to each other patiently. She tried to call Amanda, but she couldn't get through until suddenly a deep and sexy male voice came through the phone. She hastily stopped her impulse to scold him, and said, "Is that Mr. Darren? I'm looking for Amanda."

Darren took a look at Amanda who was gazing at the monitor screen, and said, "She's busy. What's the matter?"

"Well, Mr. Darren, my father said that since Amanda went back to work in Cheng Group, then she is a member of the family. So he invited Amanda to come back home this evening to have dinner with us. Mr. Darren, please come with her. My parents are looking forward to seeing you." Susie said in a gentle voice over the phone.

Then Darre

If she did something to Susie, her uncle would definitely take revenge on Sheryl and make it reasonable, leaving her no chance to fight back.

So she couldn't do anything to Susie, even after Susie killed her and Maggie's kids.

Despair engulfed her whole body. Then Amanda heard Darren's voice, "What's wrong with you, Amanda? What's wrong with you?"

Darren could do it and nobody dared to oppose him. Amanda opened her eyes and looked at him with confusion. She grabbed his hand and said, "Susie! Susie!"

Seeing her open her mouth slowly, Darren frowned and asked, "What happened to Susie?"

Amanda closed her eyes and said softly, "She killed our child. She made Maggie fall to the ground. She is a murderer."

It seemed that she had used up all her strength to say these words and fainted in the arms of Darren.

Darren immediately put her on the bed and called the private doctor of An family. He sat on the edge of the bed and looked at her bleeding lips. Amanda must be very angry to react so abnormally.

Did she say it was Susie who killed the child? The hatred in her eyes was so obvious. Suddenly, Darren felt salty in his heart. Did she care about that child too? At that time, she was able to hide the fact that she had lost her child as if nothing had happened. If not found by Rose, he would not have known that she had lost a child. She had covered it very well. She had succeeded, but even succeeded not like a woman.

It turned out that she would also feel sad.

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