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   Chapter 110 Please Use My Computer

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6998

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"Hurry up! Why do you have so much nonsense?" Darren said impatiently.

The doctor said with resignation, "Mr. Darren, your wound is a little open today. I have to be careful. If it were not because you refuse to sew it up, it would recover as soon as possible. If it goes on like this, there will be a scar left in the future."

It doesn't matter if he gets a scar. He does not care what scar there is on his body, it is that woman wound him anyway. The cut on his forehead had gone, and now he had a big cut on his body. He wondered if he had owed her in his previous life.

She never feared that it would hurt him, anyway, he was a person totally bad in her eyes. Darren took up the vodka in his cup and drank it all. The pain in the wound affected his nerves.

The doctor looked at him helplessly. Mr. Darren was famous for his stubbornness. No matter how he said, he wouldn't listen to him. It was a good thing he could remember calling him to clean up the wound and change some medicine.

But he was also confused. The relationship between Mr. Darren and Mrs. Amanda was really cold. He couldn't understand the entanglement of rich people. Mr. Darren was bad tempered, but why Mrs. Amanda's temperament was even colder? Why did her husband get injured just now? She just asked casually.

Back in the room, Amanda immediately turned on the computer, her hands trembling. When she saw the video in the list, she opened her eyes wide and slowly clicked it. Suddenly, the screen flashed, and countless quality dots appeared. Nothing was seen in the screen.

She turned off the computer and found the computer was broken. It was still a flower screen. Then she bit her lips and found that the computer broke down at this time. Holding the USB flash drive in her hand she still felt a little confused. Maggie was wearing a pair of flat shoes because of her pregnancy, she walked steadily. How could she suddenly fall?

But the computer was broken. Suddenly, it occurred to Amanda that Darren had his computer in his study. She went to the stairs and said to the person downsta

more attention to my diet."

Understanding what he said, Amanda said, "Okay, no problem."

"It's not just about diet. I should keep happy during this period." Said Darren slowly.

"Okay, I know."


"No. You are a patient. You are the most important patient in the home. Come back soon." But there was no way Amanda could wait. She pushed Darren into his seat and didn't let him finish.

With a smile appearing around the corner of his mouth unconsciously, he raised his hand to cancel the connection request on the other side of the phone, and then called Sophie to arrange the meeting back.

"Sophie, the meeting was decided half a month ago. If it is postponed like this, we will suffer losses."

"That's it." Darren hung up the phone. Seeing this, Sophie shook his head helplessly and then set out to make arrangement.

Amanda felt a little guilty as she saw his arrangement, but she did have to read it. He turned the video back and saw Susie and Maggie in it.

Amanda's breath quickened as she sat down to continue.

He had no interest in women's drama. If he saw Lionel's face in the video, he might have watched it more carefully. Women's little tricks were totally boring, so he turned around and went on reading. The wound pulled by Amanda just now was a little painful. Didn't this woman care about his wounds? Forget it. She didn't care about anything.

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