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   Chapter 109 Get The Video

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Charles replied crossly, "You can ask for father's help. She is the lady of An family. I don't know what I can do." After that, Charles turned around and left in a huff.

Charles had never been so angry with Susie before. She said angrily, "Don't lose your temper in front of me." Seeing that the people around all looked at them curiously, she said grumpily, "You don't have any work to do, do you? What's so funny to look at?"

The staff left in a hurry, but the gossip about the three bosses' fight in Cheng Group had been spread over every corner of the company through QQ and Wechat.

The new vice general manager Cheng was also a plagiarist. She first battled general manager Cheng, then fought against vice manager Cheng. As a result, general manager Cheng displeased vice manager Cheng.

Without paying any attention to the mess, Amanda went straight to the monitoring room and said, "I need to get the surveillance video." she said coldly.

Seeing that it was the vice general manager, Amanda, the staff in the monitor room asked her which surveillance video she wanted.

Then Amanda pointed at the cubicles. The staff there directly copied the video to Amanda. As the vice president, she had the right to get the video.

Amanda then left Cheng Group without any hesitation.

When Susie saw Amanda leave as fast as she could, she couldn't help saying, "Who do you think you are in the company? You can come and go as you like? We are all busy, why don't you stay until you get off work?"

"Everyone is busy. Why are you wandering around? You are like a noisy mosquito." Amanda said coldly.

Susie said angrily, "Amanda, do you lose your mind? Do you know where we are? How dare you talk to me like that?"

"What's this place? It has nothing to do with what I said to you. You are the vice president, so am I. So why should I be polite to you?" Amanda said, "You're the one who started this. You stamp with rage every time when you can't defend yourself. Do you think you're still a kid?"

Being rebuked in front of so many people, Susie was so furious that she wanted to teach Amanda a lesson.

A commanding voice yelled at them, "This is the place for work. What are you doing here?"

to the living room and saw Darren's upper body naked. A wound in his chest was being carefully applied by another person with a cotton swab. The wound was slightly red and bleeding. The person holding the medicine bottle saw Amanda and greeted, "Hi, my lady."

Amanda nodded her head. With a quick glance at the knife wound on Darren's body, she asked, "Is he okay?"

The person said, "Thank God! Fortunately, the dagger was out of the chest. No one can save him if it hurt the heart."

Darren looked at Amanda banteringly. The doctor had told Amanda a detailed account of how much he had suffered from the assault. Amanda listened to what the doctor had told her and moved her eyes away. She had been really frightened by Darren. The knife under the pillow had instantly become a dangerous weapon that could almost take Darren's life. But she could do nothing about it. Darren had insulted her like a demon. He deserved it.

Amanda thought angrily. Then she turned around and went upstairs without any word.

Darren was looking at her leaving with a playful look. His wound was still scary. The doctor mumbled, "I don't know who would be so bold to rob Mr. Darren. If I catch him, I must draw his blood."

In order not to affect too much, people were all told that Darren and Amanda encountered the robbers halfway. Since An house was a remote place with fewer people, it was normal that there was a robbery in halfway, so it was easier for everyone to accept the story.

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