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   Chapter 106 He Has A Wife

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6806

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"What are you doing?" Henry came over and roared with a straight face.

Susie said in a sweet voice, "bro, look how I've been bullied. I was deliberately bumped by her. She even smashed my suitcase at the same time."

"What's going on? Amanda, remember to study hard when you come to the company on your first day. Here is no better than the An Group. All of us should work hard." Charles said in all earnestness.

Amanda looked at him and smiled, "thank you for your advice. I know what to do."

When he was about to say something more, he saw Amanda clap her hands and leave. He said, "stop. I haven't finished yet."

Amanda turned around and asked in fake surprise, "Is there anything else you want to say, general manager?"

"You have to keep a low profile in the company. Although you're the new vice president, you're not familiar with the business of the company, so you'd better ask me more. Don't try to be superior just because you're in a high position, understand?" Charles said seriously.

"Don't try to be superior just because you're in a high position." Amanda looked at Susie with a smile and asked.

Susie replied, "Sure. Don't think too highly of yourself as a vice president. You have a lot to learn in the company."

"Don't think too highly of yourself as a vice president." Amanda said it again with a smile.

Someone beside her had figured out what it meant. She tried hard to keep her lips from laughing.

The expression on Charles's face became even worse. He frowned and said, "Amanda, this is the company. Don't be silly."

It's so boring. What's wrong with her? Then she said lightly with a stern smile, "Okay, I'm not goofing around. Let's get down to business."

Charles and Susie looked at each other, not knowing what tricks she was going to play.

First she went up to the woman who had just asked her to print something and said, "Can you pay more attention to the people in the company and find out who are your subordinates?"

The woman immediately answered, "Sorry, Mr

in the game, but we are almost at the same level and played together for a while. I knew her before I knew you."

"Oh, you mean I'm a third party?" Maggie said slowly.

"Yes, you're a third party. What's more, you still have the baby, "said Henry with a smile.

Maggie's eyes turned red. She picked up her bag and walked out.

Seeing that the situation was not good, Henry hastily pulled her back and asked helplessly, "what's wrong again?"

What responded to him was Maggie's harsh kick to his crotch.

Maggie came to the building of the Cheng Group and called Amanda.

"What happened? "Amanda asked worriedly.

"He has a wife." Maggie said.

"What?" But Amanda was too shocked to give any response.

Maggie replied angrily, "that damned Henry. He had a wife in the game and said that I was a third party."

I thought something serious happened. It's just a game. "

"No way. He is going to be a father." Maggie said in dissatisfaction.

Then she shrugged her shoulders and added, "You can also play games. How about you find a husband?"

Maggie had an idea and clapped her hands. "You are right, but will playing games affect the baby?"

"It's good to play occasionally. It's much more convenient to find a representative to help you practice." Amanda proposed.

Maggie nodded. "That's it. Hem, he will look for me."

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