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   Chapter 105 Ran Into Someone

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6646

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"It doesn't matter. In fact, it's okay here." Then Amanda sat down directly.

A trace of disdain flashed through the Secretary's eyes. She had thought that the lady of the An Group was such an arrogant and soft hearted woman. Even though the general manager treated her like this, she still smiled.

Hearing the Secretary's report, Charles asked curiously, "didn't she get angry?"

The Secretary replied, "No. She looked normal."

Charles nodded, feeling much better. In fact, the last time Darren had made a move on him, causing him to be injured and hospitalized. He was still very worried that Darren did it because he liked Amanda. But now, Amanda was kicked out of the An Group, which proved that Darren didn't like her at all and let her come here just to take over the case. Moreover, Amanda didn't have anything to rely on.

"Brother, are you all crazy? Why did you ask her to be our deputy CEO and now she is on the same level as me? " Susie rushed into Charles's office as soon as she got the news.

Charles threw up his hands and said, "I have no choice. That's dad's order. Don't forget that there is a cooperation case between us and the An Group."

"But you can't let her deal with the company. Don't forget that if she becomes a member of the Cheng group, so what are we doing?" Susie protested unwillingly.

Henry looked embarrassed too. He said impatiently, "if you feel unfair, go to tell Dad. I can't make the decision."

Seeing Henry get mad, Susie's face softened and said in a soft tone, "brother, I'm just worried about what tricks she has made in the company. Don't you know that she's full of schemes?"

"If she dares to play tricks, my father and I will kick her out of the company at once. Then we will explain to the An family. She'd better have a clear estimation of herself. Darren's wife has no authority with us." Charles snorted and comforted Susie, "Don't worry. She is only in a title while her real power is in our hands."

Susie nodded

sie, "don't you want to continue working here? Stupid and rash!"

"Do you dare to let me go?" Amanda said. Amanda found herself knocking over Susie. She was unapologetic, and that woman pointed at her and scolded her.

The woman was startled. Susie looked up and found it was Amanda. She became angrier and said, "Amanda, did you do it on purpose?"

"No, you walked too fast, so you bumped yourself into it." Amanda said.

Susie sounded sharp, "what are you doing? Are you blind? Why didn't you avoid them after you moved a lot of things? "

Susie was the deputy CEO and had a high position in the company. When she was scolding someone, everyone was curious about who made Mr. Susie so angry.

"If you know I'm carrying a lot of stuff, you don't carry anything. Why do you still come to me? What are you thinking?" Amanda just couldn't put up with her anymore, especially after she knew Susie hit Sheryl. She was easy-going and good tempered, but she didn't take it seriously for the sake of her family?

"How dare you say that to me? You are so rebellious." Susie was stunned and she was about to slap on her face. However, Amanda was not a soldier who was slapped in the face. She caught Susie's hand and threw her away. Susie was wearing high heels but didn't keep her feet. She suddenly fell on the ground.

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