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   Chapter 104 Back To The Cheng Group

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6752

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Although it looked very beautiful here, Amanda did not have a good mood because she was facing Darren.

She shook off his hands and said, "Why did you bring me here?"

"If you want to go back and face my grandfather, you can go," Darren said coldly.

"Your grandpa is no different from you. After all, your siblings are part of your family. right?" "How can one be kind and the other evil?" she asked.

"In your eyes, we are all bad guys. But in my hands, you have suffered alone. In my grandfather's hand, he can crush the person you care about, including your favorite brother." Darren looked at her and said, "Don't you think you should be grateful to me? You can't take the consequences if you irritate him. "

Her face turned pale immediately. Yes, she had Sheryl. She took a step back and said excitedly, "Darren, we got married just for the cooperation case. We have only a contractual relationship, but you have been treating me like that again and again. You have gone too far."

"So what?" It doesn't matter if I want a woman. Besides, even if you become my girlfriend, the An family will treat you well. "

"I don't care about your salary and I don't want to be your woman either. Do you think I should be grateful because you have protected me? It is you who has destroyed my life in a mess. I only hate you." "If you force me, I will not let you go easily," she continued through gritted teeth.

"Can't you do anything for your brother? It seems that your brother doesn't matter a lot in your heart. You still love yourself the most. But it's normal. Human is selfish." Seeing the heavy hatred in her eyes, his heart sank. His thin lips curved into a sneer.

"I don't need to reveal how important Sheryl is to me. What I want is just Sheryl's safety. You don't have the ability to make Ann wake up alive. You are just to maintain a vegetative life. You still want me to humiliate myself, where so great self-confidence comes."

After a pause, she looked away.

"In fact, you still thin

do whatever she wants.

"Hello, Mrs. Amanda." Another two ladies greeted her with a smile. Amanda nodded and walked into Charles' office.

He didn't understand why his father asked her to manage the company. And they had already banished her from the company, which made him unhappy. His father was afraid of the An Group, but he was not afraid. Last time he asked Amanda to help him out, but later when he called, it's always his assistant who says, "I'm sorry, but she is in a meeting and has no time." As a result, when his father knew about it, he was scolded for two days and had to break up with his mistress.

Seeing her, old and new hatred surged up. They were all in the office, and he does not directly embarrass her. Charles smiled and said, "It's great that you can come here, my dear. The company is not very big, and the design of many places is not in place, please forgive me."

When she was taken to her desk, she found that she was arranged in a single room reserved for ordinary employees, and there were four to five employees in the room, which made her very confused. They immediately greeted her when they saw her.

"Mrs. Amanda, you know that a small company like ours is not as good as the An Group. please don't mind it. After all, it's the company of your father." The Secretary of Charles said with a smile.

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