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   Chapter 103 Visit An House Again

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7185

Updated: 2020-02-03 00:16

At the sight of the bleeding wound, Amanda was dizzy, but she knew she couldn't get rid of him. Then Amanda pushed Darren away and stumbled outside.

It was dark outside. She was only in pajamas without shoes and bare feet. She didn't know where to go.

A car was driving over behind her. The light of the car was on. In a panic, Amanda turned back in a hurry and started to run crazily again, with a shiny knife in her hand.

Darren was driving the car chasing her. His clothes had been stained with blood, but he forgot to pay attention to the wound. Amanda seemed to be freaked out and was very upset. He was afraid that something bad would happen to her.

Amanda was actually terrified. For a moment, Lionel's face and gentle smile flashed through her mind. On the one hand, it was a certificate of buying shares from Nicholas; on the other hand, it was a fierce action of Darren and the blood of the cut on his chest.

But she couldn't get rid of the car light behind her. Stumbling on her feet, she cried like a frightened child. "Ah!" she cried. Amanda then sprained her ankle and fell on the ground. She couldn't run anymore. When she saw Darren get out of the car and get close to her, she panicked and shouted, "No! No! Don't..."

The man in front of her was Darren, who was bathed in blood. Driven by fear, Amanda blacked out.

The lights of An house were on in the middle of the night. A servant opened the door. She was frightened to see Darren in blood with a pale face holding comatose Amanda in his arms.

There was a set of their own medical equipment in An house. Amanda was only a simple blackout.

But Darren's wound was more serious. He didn't deal with it in time. Besides, he had run for a while. As a result, the wound hadn't been stitched. A large amount of blood had been hemorrhage.

As a result, Darren fainted.

Nicholas had a poor sleep quality at night. When he learned that Darren had returned with injuries, he was so surprised that he sat up straight. Looking at the pale and unconscious Darren on the bed, there was a flash of viciousness in Nicholas's eyes. He raised his hand and said a

Darren shook his head and smiled, "How dare I move around without Doctor Ji's approval?"

Doctor Ji was a professional and qualified doctor for Nicholas. After hearing this, Nicholas nodded and said, "Sit down, please."

Darren sat next to Amanda, "Grandpa came here to play chess in the early morning. You are in a good mood, but I'm afraid that you might be bored alone." said Darren, smiling.

"There is so much place for me to live, how could it be bored? How old are you now? You really can't have any peace at all." Nicholas said.

Darren held Amanda's hand and laughed, "Grandpa is really good at finding quiet places. We'd better not disturb you here."

Nicholas looked up at Darren without saying anything.

As Amanda thought a bit, she decided to leave with Darren rather than stay here with Mr. Nicholas. She stood up too, and was dragged out of the pavilion by Darren.

Nicholas raised his head and looked at the house. The window facing this garden was where Darren slept last night. He hurried here because he saw Amanda coming here. Nicholas frowned and picked up one piece of chess, but it was still there in his hand.

Amanda was following him and walking in the garden. There was a wide stream in the middle of which there was no bridge. Several big round stones were placed on it. The pebbles were placed on the bottom of the stream, and the water splashed with the stream. It looked comfortable.

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