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   Chapter 102 The Insult Of The Demon

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 8791

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She bit her lips in resentment and pretended not understand, "What nonsense are you talking about? I don't understand."

Darren clenched his teeth and said, "When do you want to hide the truth from me? Do you feel good if you treat me like a fool?"

Amanda knew she couldn't hide the truth any more. She tried to move, but Darren held her so tightly that she couldn't get rid of him. She pressed her lips and said, "Let go of me."

Darren shook off his hands.

Amanda's wrist turned red because of his grip. Rubbing her wrist, she was overwhelmed with mixed feelings. Besides, she still felt a dull pain in her heart.

"I didn't plan to hide it from you on purpose. But it came at a bad time and left by accident. I thought that it might be good not to tell you." Amanda proposed.

"That was my child. You have no right to lie to me." said Darren in a cold tone.

Amanda raised her eyes and stared at Darren, "What makes you think that it was your child?"

"Till now, do you still want to hide the truth from me? You won't admit until I thoroughly investigate what you have done, will you?" Said Darren in anger.

Amanda shook her head, "You don't understand."

Her eyes were distant and empty. At that time, she was stuck in the whirlpool of An Group. She was forced to have sex with him on her wedding night. There was no time to make her sad, but she had to be the daughter-in-law of An family for Sheryl.

She was like a dead fish, trapped in the dead water. Her child came all of a sudden and left all of a sudden.

She hated Darren very much. If she knew about the baby, she would probably choose to make it disappear.

"Darren, it's just my child. It doesn't belong to anyone. I don't want it to be born. I don't want it to have an unfree mother and a family full of interests." Amanda said calmly.

"Did you give up on it?" Darren's eyes were as cold as knife, "You are really a cruel mother. Women like you are heartless."

Why are there always mothers giving up their children? What's wrong with the children?

His mother had been tormenting him because of his father's mistakes. She had never thought about what was a mother and what was mother love.

Amanda who was opposite him smiled calmly. And he didn't expect that he would hear such a heartless story, 'Damn this woman!' he cursed inwardly!

Darren turned around and walked out of the house.

Amanda was relieved when she saw him leaving in a rage.

In the evening, Darren came back, drunk. Amanda was reading a book at the bedside. Seeing him, she stood up and held him up.

However, Darren shook her hand off and shouted impa

ave him a hard slap on the face. With hatred in her eyes, she warned, "Darren, I won't get pregnant with your child. You'd better stay away from me. Yes, we are a couple in everyone's eyes. Mr. Darren, you can deal with me easily. But no matter how small an ant is, it will bite. I won't compromise with you. Even if I am disgusting in front of him, I have to stay away from you, the most disgusting one."

"Amanda Cheng!" Darren's eyes were filled with anger and hatred. 'How dare she say that? She said that I was disgusted and she would never get pregnant with my baby.' He couldn't believe that she dared to step on the bottom line of his taboo. He stretched out his hand and pinched her neck. Amanda immediately lost her breath.

"Amanda, you're too full of yourself. Do you think I need you to have a baby? I will have countless women if I want one. But your proposal sounds great. I'll make you pregnant, and if you don't want a baby, I'll make you pregnant. My baby will be the only one in your life." All of a sudden, Darren's face turned pale out of fear. Amanda murmured, "Don't do that, Darren. Let me go."

But the darkness of the night seemed to be a giant mouth that had devoured all her cries.

"Let me go, Darren." A cry came from the room.

Looking at the man who looked like a devil coming from the hell, Amanda was in panic.

He was a demon in hell, a nightmare for her for a lifetime. He always had a way to drag her back to hell. Was it really impossible for her to escape from An family?

Amanda was thrown onto the bed. Then she took out something cold from her pillow and cut his chest. Darren was shocked when he found that there was a blood cut on his chest. Unexpectedly, there was a knife under Amanda's pillow.

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