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   Chapter 100 The Punishment

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6613

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"You know? Do you know who she is? " The old man laughed, and carefully folded the painting. He liked paintings, and from time to time, replaced several of his paintings in the study, which were all collected at a high price. He was a sentimental person and didn't like to fly into a rage, but Lionel could see that he was angry.

"Grandpa, I know a case of cooperation between the An Group and the Cheng Group. Amanda doesn't have any relationship with the An family. There is only a connection between the two families. I'll act as a candidate. I don't need this marriage relationship to maintain and I'll keep both families well." The man said, gritting his teeth.

Nicholas looked up at him, surprised. "You?"

Lowering his head, the guy answered, "I know. I need the funding from my family. I can pledge my private property to my family in exchange for funds. With this project, she will be free. I don't need to worry about the project."

"No way!" Mr. Bruce snapped, "No, I won't. Lionel, you'd better understand, that this is not your own family. I will never agree to give my family assets as pawns for an irrelevant woman.

"Grandpa." "I have never asked for anything from you. But this time, I want you to do me a favor. I want jack to be with me."

Fixing his eyes on the Lionel, he was disappointed and angry at his stubborn attitude. "I know you have your own plan, and no one can change your mind. What do you want to do is your own business, but this is wrong to leave halfway through the company meeting. You should be responsible for your mistake, right? "He asked.

"Yes." Lionel stated firmly, his eyes turning deep.

Mr. Bruce nodded and said, "yes, you should accept the punishment if you did something wrong."

The Gu family had its own family rules, which were particularly strict in the aspect of business. Those who affected the company's business for private affairs were punished, but the old man was very angry today. It was not bec

Gregorio said, "Mr. Nicholas told you to have a good rest here. Mr. Darren is busy with his work recently. But the family still remembers you, so you don't have to worry."

Then she lowered her head and said in a low voice, "thank you, Gregorio."

Gregorio nodded and left away politely.

When he returned to the An family, Nicholas began to play with the bird. When he saw Gregorio walk into the house, he asked, "How is Amanda? Is there anything I can do for you? " He was a man of great control, but he wanted to have everything under his control.

"Since you hope the young master and his family to be happy, why did you try to hide the truth that lady Linda had a miscarriage?" Asked Gregorio in a low voice.

Nicholas picked up a slice of bird food and sent it to parrot's mouth. Hearing the question, he smiled and said, "Can't you see that?"

Gregorio lowered his head and said nothing.

"It's inconvenient if they get along well, and troublesome if they don't. Only this relationship is stable. You and I have been together a long time, you should know this truth." Nicholas clapped his hands and said lightly.

"Good evening, my lady. Let me pick you up." While Amanda was packing her things, Sophie appeared. With a smile, she came to help her.

"Why are you here? "She asked in surprise.

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