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   Chapter 99 The Scars On The Back

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6565

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Susie felt bored with her half dead look. She stood up and was about to leave.

"By the way," Suddenly, Amanda realized something and said, "It's time to give me the necklace."

She had made up her mind. Since she wanted to get rid of Darren, she must keep all the stuff which she got from the An family, including the bracelets and the earrings that Darren's friends gave her.

Susie's face changed when she heard her. She remembered the diamond necklace which made her the center of everyone's attention in an instant, and the happiness when she wore the necklace. Jack didn't ask for the necklace, so she kept it. Would she give it back to jack? Should she give it back to Amanda now?

"What necklace?" Susie collected herself and asked casually.

"It's the necklace that Lionel's grandpa gave to me at the banquet in the Gu family. "Amanda answered.

"If it is a gift for you, don't you think it is ridiculous to ask me?" Susie chuckled.

"You took it out and put it on. Who else should I ask except you?"

"Amanda, you're already the wife of the Darren. How can you be so mean? It's just a necklace." Susie knew Amanda was determined to get the necklace. She said coldly, "our family has taken good care of you. Why wouldn't you give me a necklace? Don't be so ungrateful from now on. "

"What does this have to do with a white eye wolf? That's a present for me. What's wrong with getting my gift back?" But she didn't want to waste her time on her. "Just send it to the An family after you make it."

Susie replied, "I lost the necklace."

"What?" However, there was another surprise for Amanda.

Susie sighed, "I just lost it in the garden that night. I couldn't find it. I thought about a necklace and thought about it. So you don't mind. You won't blame me for it, right?"

"Didn't you look for it?" Such a lame excuse! If she lost things in Gu family, how could she not find them? It was a large ring of diamonds. Anyone who l

very sensitive. Lionel, the CEO of the company, left half of the meeting, and even the manager from the headquarters did not show his face. The news has been all over the place.

"Grandpa, I do have something urgent." Lionel said in a low voice.

Mr. Gu's usually loving face darkened this time. "Do you know what you are doing? Do you know who she is? "

"I know." The man replied.

Mr. Bruce looked at Lionel, his favorite grandson. He was sedate, rigorous and thoughtful since childhood. He was the heir that he always thought highly of. He sent Lionel to the An Group's advertising company and became a good friend with the future heir, Darren, just like he and Nicholas were friends and continued to run the family business together.

He was quite satisfied with what Lionel had done. He was much more business minded than his peers.

But when did Lionel begin to change.

He gave up the cooperation with Darren and became a competitor for Darren an in the SH Film.

He and Darren were just acquaintances.

He disregarded the whole family and continued to contact with Darren's wife closely regardless of his identity.

Colleen reminded him of this. He had been in the vein for investigation and had found out something. He and Amanda had dinner together and dated like a couple.

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