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   Chapter 98 Should Be Grateful

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7061

Updated: 2020-02-02 00:12

"Fuck off!" Said Henry coldly with a low, gloomy voice.

Susie was stunned for a while and then she was furious, "Who do you think you are? How dare you ask me to get out!"

Dean Wang immediately persuaded, "Forget it, Henry, Miss Cheng was just in a hurry. She was so worried about the patient."

"Dean, he is just a doctor. Why are you so polite to him?" Susie said in a plain tone, "I think the further cooperation with Cheng family would be more important."

Dean Wang wiped his sweat and said to Susie, "This is really awkward. Actually, this is Henry Zhao, the third son of Zhao family. You don't know him, Miss Cheng, but you must have heard his name, right?"

"Zhao family? Which Zhao family?" Susie blinked her eyes. Since Dean Wang looked so serious, she could not help but recall in her mind. Suddenly, she broke out into a cold sweat. Dean Wang was so polite to this Zhao family, it seemed that only the one with all famous doctors.

If it was Zhao family, she really screw herself up. Zhao family is not a tycoon, but there are talents in it. Most of them are famous doctors at home and abroad. Even rich people would also be sick sometimes. So they deliberately maintained good relations with Zhao family. They can do business well concerning their prestige, and many big families have to draw them over.

Henry raised his lips and smiled, which looked gloomy, "Cheng family, right? Cheng Group is not doing well now. I didn't expect that Miss Cheng is so confident. I am curious about how confident Miss Cheng is that you can yell at my fiancee."

"Fiancee? You said she is your fiancee?" Susie changed her face.

Maggie cast a complicated look at Henry, but said nothing.

"My wife is pregnant. If she gets angry because of you, you can rest assured. My father will personally pay a visit to Mr. Cheng." Said Henry while wrapping his arm around Maggie's waist.

Susie stood there stiff and didn't know what to do for a while. She wanted to leave, but she was afraid of angering Zhao family. She wanted to make it up, but she couldn't open her mouth because of her pride. Dean Wang

ficult for you to have a strong foothold in An family." Susie said coldly.

Amanda smiled bitterly, "Yes, you are right. Without Cheng family, how can I marry into An family?"

Without the arrangement of Cheng family, she was still living a frugal but fulfilling life abroad. Without the arrangement of Cheng family, she didn't need to marry Darren and wouldn't be trapped in this unemotional marriage.

However, without the arrangement of Cheng family, she wouldn't have worked in An Group and met Lionel.

Such perfect Lionel, who took good care of her.

She didn't know if it was a good thing or a bad thing that she and Lionel got to know each other because of An Group, but they couldn't be together because of An Group.

Susie saw her absent-minded and thought that she already took her words as a promise. She continued, "So you have to be in the mood as well. You know that gratitude is the reward. Dad's birthday party will be held next week. Remember to take Mr. Darren to the party. It's harmonious if everyone is here."

"His birthday party?" Amanda thought for a while, "I haven't left the hospital then yet." she added.

Susie said coldly, "It's okay if you don't come. Anyway, Mr. Darren is my brother-in-law. An family is our family-in-laws, so he should be there."

"Don't worry. He will show his politeness." Amanda closed her eyes and thought, 'It's no use to force him.'

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