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   Chapter 97 Not Allowed

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7424

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"Come on! I was not beating you. Just a gentle touch." Said Henry with his hands spread out.

Maggie was annoyed. She knocked at Henry's forehead and said, "How dare you touch gently."

When she felt better, they sat at the corridor opposite the ward. Henry massaged his forehead, put his arms around Maggie's waist and said, "You've already vented your anger, but I have to make it clear to you. You can't fight with others casually."

Maggie rolled her eyes at him, "This is none of your business. I will fight whenever I want to."

Before she finished, she was slapped on her buttock. Maggie felt so ashamed and annoyed that she grabbed Henry's arm and gave him a hard bite. Henry tightened his body so that she didn't cry out or struggle hard. After biting for a while, Maggie found that he didn't have any reaction. She loosened her mouth in surprise and looked at him, "It doesn't hurt?"

He nodded, "It hurts."

"Why didn't you say it?" Maggie felt speechless.

Henry took a glance at her, "Does it work if I say it? Will you not bite me?"

Maggie pushed him in embarrassment, "If you said it, I won't bite you. I won't bully you like much."

"In fact, the pain in body is nothing, it's bearable, sometimes the pain itself is even pleasing, because it's real." said Henry with a gentle smile, holding Maggie's hand.

"What? Has there been real pain and unreal pain?" Maggie blinked and didn't know what he was up to.

Henry sighed, "Of course, many of the pain is spiritual, and they are unreal. The physical pain can be relieved, but the mental pain will only be aggravated day by day."

"Depression? A popular star has committed suicide because of depression? Depression is now a hot topic. Do you also suffer from depression?" Surprised Maggie.

Henry giggled, "I'm not depressed. Do you think that being diagnosed with depression is good? General people can only be described as depressed, not qualified for getting depression. Patients with depression need to take medicine and examined, and it is a kind of disease. If I got depression, I couldn't wear the white coat here, but I have been cured by a psychiatrist on a regular basis, which is really necessary."

"So stressful. Eve

you think that everyone else is like you? A freak who sees only money!" Maggie said sullenly.

Susie's face darkened and she snapped, "What are you talking about? Maggie, don't think I'll be afraid of you just because you're a good friend of Amanda. It will be just a piece of cake for me to take you down, and even Amanda won't say anything about it."

"Who are you going to take down?" Henry looked up and said lightly.

Dean Wang saw that the situation was not so good, so he quickly smiled and said, "Patient first. Why are we still fighting about it? It's all a misunderstanding. Susie, if you want to visit your cousin, you'd better wait until the patient wakes up. After all, the patient's health is not very good now, and she needs to rest as first priority. Henry, you should watch your attitude too."

Susie snorted, "You're just a little doctor. I'm too tired to talk to you. Dean Wang, that's all what happened. Can I go in and see the patient now?" Susie was already annoyed. She didn't expect Amanda could make so much trouble. She turned around and was about to go into the ward to find Amanda, but she was stopped by Maggie. Maggie said coldly, "I've told you this a long time ago. Amanda is taking a rest. You'd better not disturb her."

"You are making trouble out of nothing, aren't you? I told you that I had something to do with Amanda, and it has nothing to do with you. How dare you stir up trouble for me?" Susie was furious and spoke more shrewdly.

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