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   Chapter 96 Uninvited Guest

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6568

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"Well, I'm fine now. Don't worry. I'll pay more attention to it. I'm such a loser. Even though I've lived abroad for so long, I've never felt so ill when I was in this country." Amanda smiled.

Maggie hurriedly said, "It's not your fault, Amanda. Everyone will get ill, such as catch a cold, have a fever, cough, sugar diabetes and so on. But Darren was so cruel to you. When the ambulance arrived, he blocked the door. If we wasn't in a rush to take you to the hospital, I would ask Henry to beat him."

"Hey, I can't beat him." "Look at him! He must have practiced martial arts." said Adam, his brows twitched when he heard this.

"Wow, I'm so scared! Chinese martial arts?" Maggie sneered, "You're too weak to beat a man."

"I just said I couldn't beat him. He was also attacked in the back. But when it comes to backstabbing, I'm an expert on it."

"Okay, now leave me alone. I want to get some more sleep," she said resignedly.

"Let her sleep. She is now in her recovery period and needs more rest. You'd better get more rest. Hurry up and go." When Henry took Maggie out, she shouted, "I'll sleep with her."

"The ward is full of the smell of disinfectant. Can you be more responsible, pregnant classmate?" He closed the door and pulled Maggie to leave.

Maggie saw a girl walking out of the elevator from a distance, which looked familiar. And the she discovered that the girl was Susie, who held a bunch of flowers in her arms, beautiful and cold. Maggie wondered if she came to see Amanda. Susie was not that kind-hearted. If it weren't for the best, she would be the hypocritical.

Seeing that Maggie was not going to leave, Henry looked at her curiously and said with an awkward smile, "that girl is good. You have good taste."

Maggie pinched him.

Susie called her to ask her to attend the dinner held by the Cheng family, but she couldn't get through. Susie went to the An Group and learned that he had resigned from the compa

But when she looked at the poker face of Henry and the swaggering Maggie, she couldn't imagine what would happen to her if she hit them.

Susie flung off his hand and said coldly, "wait and see!" Then she turned around and left in her high heels.

Maggie tilted her head. "I thought she was going to fight. But she just left. It's so boring."

"Why do I feel melancholy and regret from your tone? Do you still want to fight with her? "Henry asked.

Maggie nodded and her eyes were full of excitement. "Of course, in fact, I wanted to beat her for a long time. If I can beat her, I will not be softhearted."

Henry suddenly grabbed her waist, with a malicious expression, but his eyes were full of smiles. "You still want to fight? Do you still remember that you are pregnant?"

"Of course I remember. How wonderful is it to let the baby feel his mother's heroism?" Maggie said indifferently. Then she felt a pain in her head, and was awarded a Dalton by him. She covered her forehead and jumped up. "How dare you hit me?"

Seeing that Maggie was anxious, Henry hurriedly pulled her hand away and said, "come on, let me have a look at your injury."

Maggie pushed her away and said angrily, "When I was pregnant, you began to beat me. After that, I became yellow-faced. You are not worse for me."

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