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   Chapter 93 The Secret Of The Big Family

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Maggie couldn't help crying when she recalled what she had been through. What's more, she was pregnant and thus very emotional. People who didn't know would think that Henry was a human trafficker.

"Maggie, stop crying. Amanda is just having a fever." said Henry while wiping tears for her.

"Just a fever? Sometimes just a fever may lead you to become foolish. Even though Amanda is sick, no one will take care of her. She doesn't know whom to tell and she doesn't dare to bother us. She can only call Lionel. Such a fool. She can call me. I'll come to take care of her in one minute." Maggie cried.

"She has a husband and a family." said Henry.

"Yes, you're right, Darren. Why doesn't Darren take care of Amanda when she's having a fever?" Maggie patted her thigh and stopped crying.

Henry thought for a while, "With Amanda's character, she likes to keep everything a secret. She won't let Darren know. And because Darren doesn't like her, he won't care whether she's in the room or not. So maybe Darren didn't know when Amanda was sick."

"His wife is so sick but he doesn't even know it. What kind of man is he? A scumbag!" Maggie scolded.

Henry coughed and said, "Actually, he didn't even know about the miscarriage of Amanda. He once accompanied Amanda to see a doctor, and it was me who helped her to stall him off."

"Why didn't she let him know?" Maggie felt suspicious.

Henry said, "She either worried about Darren was not the father of the baby, or she didn't want to entangle with him. I prefer the former reason. After all, the baby was gone. It made no difference whether he knew or not."

Maggie pinched him hard on his thigh. Henry shivered and grasped the steering wheel as it slid, "Do you want to die or want me have no descendants?"

"So stop non-sensing. How could you slander Amanda's good character?" Maggie glared at him.

Henry said, "I'm not defaming her. I said it was possible. It's just my speculati

ulance? What is the ambulance doing here?"

Darren shook his head. He raised his head and looked upstairs. Could it be Amanda? He said, "Go upstairs and check on her."

Rose nodded and turned around. When she was about to get in, she heard louder knocking at the door. She was taken aback. Darren's face darkened. He went to open the door and said coldly, "You've seriously disturbed my life. If you don't leave now, I'll sue your hospital."

A girl walked out from a group of doctors. Her eyes were cold. He had met her before. She was Maggie, a good friend of Amanda. He was impressed more by her loud voice over the phone.

Maggie's voice was hoarse and her eyes were red. It seemed that she had just cried, "Good evening, Mr. Darren. Amanda is not feeling well. I'm taking her to the hospital."

Darren looked at her and frowned slightly, "Did she call?"

"Don't you think it's strange for you, who is living with her in the same house, to ask such a question?" Maggie pushed him away and went upstairs. She shouted, "Amanda, Amanda."

Maggie felt her heart tightened when she saw Rose got out of a room with panic. Maggie grabbed Rose's hand and asked, "What did you do to her?"

Surprised by her words, Rose frowned and said unhappily, "Who are you? Why do you take my arm? Let go of me!"

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