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   Chapter 90 Stop Pretending

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6222

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"Behave well, baby. I'll go first." Amanda poked Maggie's flat stomach, which made her feel itchy. Maggie dodged and said impatiently, "Bye, I won't keep you here."

The whole Zhao family was in the living room when they saw Maggie walked her out with a smile on her face. They were still very concerned about her.

"It's late, Miss Amanda. Why don't you stay and have dinner with us?"

"No, thanks. I have something else to do." Amanda smiled and looked at Henry. He knew that she was going to bet on it, so he made a gesture to show her. Looking at her, Josie snorted with disdain.

"Maggie, are you hungry?" Emily asked with concern.

On the other hand, Maggie saw her off. She was relieved to see her get in the car and disappear in the darkness. At least Nicholas personally sent to the driver, there seems to be some respect for Amanda.

But if the An family valued Amanda, it was not all good. The An family had a deep relationship with the Gu family. Gu family would not marry her if she became the daughter-in-law of the an family for a long time.

She smiled slightly. Thinking of the meeting with Lionel last time, she knew that he was very fond of Amanda. As long as he was there, he wouldn't let Amanda be bullied.

"Come in. It's cold outside." Henry came over with a smile, "it's time for you to calm down now."

Maggie's face was sullen at first, but when she saw that he had changed his clothes and the bad haircut as still there, she couldn't help but burst into laughter. She quickly covered her mouth and said, "Henry, I suspended the war only because you dressed up well today. But I didn't forgive you."

"Don't mention it. Let's get inside and have dinner. All of the family are waiting for you." Said Henry.

Maggie felt embarrassed and came back quickly.

Amanda breathed a sigh of relief after she got in the

mportant it was to have a kid she could get along with.

She said she hated him and didn't want to marry him. Why did she still jump off the operating table? It was not because she was stupid, but because she was a mother's instinct to protect her child.

Amanda had always felt guilty for the lack of the ability to protect her kids. She had hesitated before. She was not sure whether she was sad or grateful. She and Darren's child had left the world, which helped her get rid of the suffering of the left and right.

But now, all she could feel was sorrow and grief about her failure as a mother, and the father of the baby was ravaging her madly.

"Stay away from me, Darren." Amanda reached out her hand and grabbed the fruit plate. Darren knocked the plate off and dropped it on the ground. Then he stopped and caressed his father's face as he asked, "Are you as enthusiastic as she is?"

"What?" She didn't feel right. Her tearful eyes were shining under the light. They were just like the clouds above the starry sky. She had a pair of beautiful eyes which always overlapped the beautiful eyes in her memory. And the way they looked at her eyes was always filled with hatred.

Darren smiled and said, "Stop pretending."

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