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   Chapter 89 Confidential Information

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7132

Updated: 2020-01-31 00:26

'What would she think when she saw these odd dumplings?' Darren's lips curved unconsciously. The dumpling wrappers were colorful, including green, red, white and yellow. They looked like kids' toys.

"Darren, we haven't had dinner together for a long time." There was a hint of sadness in Rose's voice.

"Let's talk about it later." Darren hung up the phone directly. Looking at the dumplings and fingers marks on the smooth surface of his phone, he couldn't help smiling when he saw a familiar face covered with flour.

His cell phone lit up again before he could finish his smile.

"Darren, here's some information about Amanda. One of my friends who is a journalist got it. I saw it and stopped him. I don't think it's a good idea. Come and have a look. Starry Club. I'll wait for you in the same place." Rose spoke very quickly on the other side of the phone, as if she was worried about the possibility of Darren changing his mind again, she hung up the phone in a hurry.

Rose looked at the mirror and adjusted her clothes. It was very simple. The top cover of the Starry Club was painted as starry sky. The light in it was dim, so it was convenient for her to hide her identity now. Darren was a long-time VIP in the Starry Club, so Rose set the appointment here directly.

She looked up and saw Darren sitting down. She smiled, "You're here."

"What is it?" Said Darren.

Rose took out a big Kraft paper bag and handed it to Darren, "A reporter friend of mine took it out and planned to expose it. But in consideration that I have a spokesman and he worried that it might influence me, he sent me the message first and I bought it directly. He dares not to offend An Group."

Darren opened it, and there were the pictures taken far away, in which Amanda collapsed on the chair outside the operation room and cried bitterly, accompanied by a record of seeing a doctor. Her belly was hit and she suffered a miscarriage. How could he know nothing about her miscarriage one and a half months ago.

Seeing this, Darren tightened his fist. In a soft voice, Rose said, "Perhaps there is some misunderstanding be

oes Maggie get touched?' Could she be moved by such unspeakable outfit? Are you sure you two have the same aesthetic standards?

Maggie closed the window and said, "This is Pike's outfit in his first album. I told him before that I liked it very much, but he looked ugly when he was in that." With these words, she smiled through tears. She sighed and said, "Amanda, I know you come here because you are worried about me."

Amanda shook her head and replied honestly, "No. I came here because Henry asked me to, and he said he would ask Josie to make an apology to me."

Maggie nearly choked to death. She cast a stern glance at Amanda and said, "How could you be a friend?"

Amanda chuckled, "Come on, don't be mad at me. I came here just because I was worried about you. It's better to get a reward if I can smoothly complete my task. More importantly, I want to make you happy."

"At least you say something nice. Let me tell you, don't be bribed by Henry. We are on the same side." Maggie threatened, waving her fist.

"I have to go home now." Worrying about the safety of Maggie made Amanda run out of home in one breath.

"Stay here. It's too late." Maggie said, "Your driver is waiting outside. It's just half an hour's ride."

But Amanda shook her head and said, "No, I must go home." Since Darren was still at home, Amanda guessed that he must be very angry with her. Therefore, she had to go back.

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