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   Chapter 88 Make Dumplings For Me

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Her phone rang and a message popped up.

"In fact, I regretted as soon as I lay on the bed. If nothing goes wrong, you should be ready to be a godmother." It was from Maggie.

Amanda collapsed to her chair and covered her mouth, tears coursing down her cheeks. Generally speaking, it was a good thing, but she did not know why she felt sad. She was sad, but she was glad that Maggie did not choose the way she had been.

A woman stopped at the end of the hallway. She could tell that the woman was not a stranger to her from a distance. She slightly pressed her enchanting red lips and said, "Amanda was crying in the maternity ward. She looks interesting. Miss. Rose, you will be interested in it."

"Hey, Amanda, Can you get home on time? What time is it?" When Darren called, his tone was full of displeasure.

Then she realized that Nola had asked for leave. She was now the cook of the house, so she couldn't help but mumbled, "You used to have so many parties. Why don't you just go to dinner with someone?"

But she went home quickly.

"Let's make dumplings." She went back home and brought some dumpling wrappers. While he was sitting on the sofa in the living room and reading the newspaper, he said indifferently, "it's up to you."

"Anyway, You just eat when the meal is ready." Amanda proposed.

"Is there anything I can do to help?" Asked Darren.

She was a little surprised, but since Darren asked, she said right away, "Come here and pack it for me."

"You didn't even make filling for dumpling." Darren walked in, glanced around the kitchen and frowned.

Amanda chuckled, "I already booked my labor force."

Darren looked at her red eyes and frowned. "What happened?"

"What?" Amanda was flustered.

"Did you cry?"

"Just the sand got me wrong."

"Do you think I will believe such an excuse?" Darren said lightly, "don't let me check by myself."

"I'm really fine," she said immediately.

As it came to Maggie, it was improper to talk more about her. She also didn't know how the child was.

But he didn't ask more,

imes. Then she was carried to the hospital and checked out a child. She took courage and wanted to abort the child, but at the moment she couldn't hold on, she jumped out of the bed and left.

However, she was taken back to the Zhao family by Henry. She felt so embarrassed that she had no tears to cry. She was ready to leave, and her luggage had been packed back. She didn't know what she was like in Zhao family now. Anyhow, she must be ashamed.

Though she didn't want to give up her child, it didn't mean that she would really marry him.

When Darren was wondering the source of the lipstick, he saw Amanda rushed downstairs without saying goodbye and ran out directly. When he was about to ask her, the door was closed with a sound.

Darren's face turned dark immediately. Where was she going? What happened? What could she do to get out in such a hurry?

He frowned and thought, 'if there's anything, Amanda should at least tell him. She's not the kind of person who knows she can't bear it and tries to bear it. A woman who knows to use her chips to pay something more valuable for her. This is a wise choice.'

Suddenly, his mobile phone rang, and Rose said in the phone, "Darren, come out to have dinner tonight."

"I'm busy." He looked at the four twisted dumplings on the chopping board and found it hard to suppress the impulse to throw them into the sewer.

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