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   Chapter 86 Pseudo Pregnancy

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Hearing this, Maggie stood up at once with a sullen face.

"What's wrong? Do you feel uncomfortable? " Emily continued to blame him, "What are you talking about since we are all here? Pay for Maggie! "

"It's no big deal. Sit down." They had been in cooperation. Maggie had been fine at home. He thought she was just having a bad temper, so he said in a different tone, "Look, the coffee tastes good. I added twice the milk. Try it."

"Maggie, what's wrong with you? "She asked. If you are not feeling well, I will help you upstairs to have a rest. " She was not in the mood to bicker with Josie and only cared about Maggie.

Noticing that Amanda wanted to escape, Josie hastily said with a smile, "Maggie, have a rest first. It's rare for you to be our guest, so you can't work so hard. Abby, come and help Maggie now."

Maggie coldly said, "Henry, do you also know that Amanda was bullied?"

Henry was stunned for a while and then nodded, "Yes, I know a little, but I'm not so clear about it."

"Then why didn't you tell me?" Maggie raised her voice.

"Maggie, you are pregnant. Henry didn't want to see you get worried," she hurried to explain.

Maggie glared at Henry. Henry said impatiently, "It's no use telling you. Can you help her fight back or get her one more slap in the face? You're always shouting at others and can't do anything, so it's not a good idea to show your loyalty now."

"What nonsense are you talking about?" Amanda said.

Henry pushed the glass away and said impatiently, "It's troublesome to get involved with you two. Maggie, I'm telling you, if you want to keep it, you can rest assured; if you don't want to, just drop it."

"Henry! How could you speak like that? " Emily said seriously.

"Mom, if she keeps acting like this, we won't even have to live with her. I have to be careful what I say. You can touch someone's anger if you're not careful."

"Don't say tha

sh in business?"

"In fact, I don't like to talk to her all the time. In a two-sided way, you will find it more tried to live and talk to her. " As if no one was around, she pulled Amanda to the door and suddenly she began to vomit.

"Why haven't you played enough yet? "She asked with a sneer.

"What's wrong with you? "She asked worriedly.

Maggie covered her throat with one hand and looked bad. "I felt sore in her throat and felt a little uncomfortable."

"She is pregnant. Let's go to the hospital." Josie had never seen such a dramatic scene with such poor acting skill.

However, Henry's countenance changed abruptly. Coming forward and asking, "What's wrong with you?"

Seeing him leaning over, Maggie was scared. She pretended to be strong and said, "Fuck, stay away from me. I was just sick at your cousin's words. Do you really think that I'm pregnant? I'm so silly to get pregnant..."

She couldn't bear it anymore. She held Amanda and her stomach began to convulse. Henry struggled in his arms and tried to get rid of her. "Hey, Henry. Release me. I'm fine."

Then he asked the steward to drive the car out. On his way, she followed behind, leaving Maggie in the back seat. He told Amanda that she should hold her tightly so that she wouldn't run away.

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