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   Chapter 84 No Way To Like Him

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"A long distance? How come?" Maggie didn't understand, "If you like each other, you should be together bravely. What are you worried about?"

"You're free now. You just said that because you haven't fallen in love with someone yet. I'm waiting to see how you will act when you fall in love with someone." Amanda smiled.

Maggie didn't care about it at all and blinked her eyes. She was taken good care of these days. Her skin was pale and tender. The dietary and maintenance of Zhao family must be the top level. After all, it was a medical family. And they were more experienced in health care than others.

Amanda was chatting with Maggie in the room. From time to time a servant came to send Maggie tonic. It seemed that they really valued Maggie as the daughter-in-law.

After a while, the servant came again to knock on the door, and the speech was interrupted for several times. Maggie was somewhat unhappy, and said directly, "Don't knock again, and don't send me any tonics."

The servant answered respectfully, "My lady, her ladyship asked me to tell you. Since Miss Xia is here, can you take Miss Amanda downstairs to have a chat if you are well enough."

"Miss Xia, it's Josie from Xia Group. Why is she here for no reason?" Maggie murmured and said, "Okay, I'll go downstairs."

Amanda shivered and asked, "Who is Miss Xia you are talking about?"

Maggie waved her hand and answered lazily, "She is a lady from Xia family. I have met her twice. She is a workaholic. But she is on good terms with Mrs. Zhao, and she came to visit us from time to time. So, do you know her?"

Amanda lied on Maggie's bed and whined.

Startled, Maggie immediately sat up and touched her hair, "What's wrong, dear? Tell me what happened."

"I originally thought it was nothing, but now I feel that I am so unlucky. I was slapped in the face and then was forced to lose my job." Amanda said in a depressed tone. To her surprise, the terrorist Josie that she had been avoiding was a relative of Zhao family. Was this a small w

lling to lose his job took the gasoline into his office and abducted me. It was also Darren who ran at all costs of his life and dealt with the man. When the man was trying to drag me into burning, Darren rushed up and knocked him down, and saved me." As she recalled the past, Amanda's eyes turned red, "He has done so much for me. I think I should try my best to help him finish a case." she added.

As Amanda lifted her head, she found that Maggie was looking at her with a meaningful look. Amanda was surprised and asked, "Why are you looking at me in this way?"

Maggie frowned, "It's said that a friend in need is a friend indeed. You fell in love with Darren after going through some hardship, don't you?"

Amanda shook her head and answered, "No way."

"Why? He has done a lot for you." Maggie asked suspiciously.

Amanda sat straight and said, "He did a lot of things for me, but I can't accept them. After all, it was him who raped me, insulted me and looked down upon me. His change touched me, but when I was abandoned by the whole world, I had only Lionel by my side. Since the first day I was employed by the company, Lionel gave me warmth and happiness and that was what I really need."

Stunned, Maggie touched Amanda's forehead and said, "You don't have a fever."

"Hey, I'm so serious." Then Amanda pushed Maggie's hands away.

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