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   Chapter 82 A Different Lunch

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"Amanda has resigned from her position as vice general manager." In the video, Darren looked cold and his words were short.

The other people who participated in the meeting discussed and decided to determine the new vice president.

"Maybe we are short of time and space for the time being. The company's business has entered the next stage, and many cases need me to deal with," Darren turned down the suggestion of the vice president from the headquarters. After all, it was Nicholas who was in charge. His proposal was not so many people to deny.

After the meeting, Darren sat in his study, lost in thought. At present, there were a lot of things that needed to be dealt with in the company, but if a vice president from the headquarters was sent over, he would be rejected completely. If he came back, there would be a lot of cooperation between the company and the Xia Group, and the relationship between her and Josie would be stiff.

Raising the phone, he said flatly, "Sophie, help me check if Mr. Xia will cut her ribbon at the South Mountain Golf Club."

Since Josie couldn't deal with it, he should find a convincing person to help her.

He stood up and went downstairs. Amanda was still busy in the kitchen. She hummed a song while cooking, looking very leisurely.

Amanda turned around and asked, "are you finished?"

"Yes." He just stood in front of the dining room and said yes. Then the smell from the kitchen came out and made him feel at ease. He was just looking forward to seeing that she had prepared so many dishes in a good mood.

"That's enough. We can't eat that much." Then she waved to Darren and said, "Please come here to serve the dishes."

"What?" Darren asked with a frown after he took his seat.

"You're not going to eat?" "Who would do that? "She asked, rolling his eyes.

Darren stood up and went to the kitchen to bring three ki

t care about her temper and don't serve her."

"Since you said so, I can't curse her as I like." Then I think I'd better let it go. "

Darren's face darkened. "What are you talking about? Do you still want to scold her? "

"Well, I have no choice. Last time, I was at a disadvantage by her. Of course, I have to make her pay for it." Getting a glass of wine into her stomach made her feel sick. She was really pissed off this time. She even forced her to quit the An group. It wouldn't be too late for her to get revenge.

"I'm going to visit my friend this afternoon, so you must know Maggie. She was in the room," Amanda replied. Amanda said.

In his memory, she wouldn't give up easily, just like Amanda.

"Didn't you just come back from abroad?" Said Darren, "It's not easy to have a friend who likes you."

"She is my desk mate. You took me to the hospital on that day and dumped me. I got off the car at my former alma mater. I just wanted to go in and recall it, but I didn't expect that she was teaching there." Amanda smiled. There was nothing more exciting than the reunion of old friends.

Speaking of the past, there was an unnatural expression on his face. But he was a little disappointed to hear that she had forgotten all about it.

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