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   Chapter 79 What Right Do You Have

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6521

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Darren with a straight faces and took her by the hand and turned to get in the car. Driven by the great force, Amanda was forced to sit on the front passenger seat. She struggled but failed and shouted, "What are you doing? Let go of me! "

However, Darren ignored her and directly drove her home.

As soon as she arrived at home, Amanda got off the car obediently, opened the door and went upstairs, but she was grabbed by Darren again. Her arm was painful. She said impatiently, "Are you insane? Why do you always pull me? "

"Why are you angry?" Darren stared at her with his dark eyes.

"Does it have anything to do with you?" Amanda leaned against the wall and said lazily.

"It's just two hundred dollars. Why should we waste our time on a meaningless and ordinary thing? Did I do anything wrong? " Seeing this, Darren got angry. "Even so, it is my disadvantage. Why are you angry? "

"I'm mad at you. Why are you mad at me? You pissed me off! "

"You are so stubborn. Have you vented all your bad temper on me? Why can't you talk nicely?" He clenched his teeth and held his chin, his voice full of anger.

The man's eyes lit up because of anger, like the stars in the night sky. In a trance, Amanda felt that although she made him angry many times, it seemed that he was especially angry this time.

Remembering how many times he had protected himself, Amanda stopped being angry. She looked away and said, "Let go of me. I'm going to my room. "

"No, we must make it clear."

He didn't know why he got angry. Why was it so difficult to buy vegetables with him?

Looking at his hand on her shoulder, she continued, "Even if you want to say something, you should take your hand away, because you keep pressing me like a handcuff. "

After their quarrel, they were finally able to sit on the sofa in peace.

"Tell me." The silence continued. Darren could not help but speak.

"Can you stop acting like a bully?"

sibility." Amanda looked at him, "do you understand?"

"Even if I had helped you, you wouldn't have been so angry. No one has ever dared to do that. "He added.

"If someone pisses on you, what will you do?" Amanda asked politely.

Darren couldn't imagine that someone dared to do such an insult to him. He lightly said, "no one dares. "

"Someone could have burnt himself in your office. Why is it impossible? Think about it. If someone did this to you." Amanda proposed.

He pursed his lips and said, "then he will die a horrible death."

"That's heartless! "Amanda sighed.

"So what? Mr. Clark's coat was poured with red wine, and his hands were broken. " "Red wine is no match for that kind of liquid? Although he didn't agree with Mr. Clark who looked down upon laws, he couldn't stand it.

"What's the big deal?" She then leaned against the sofa and added, "If your son were too wet you, he would be dead directly. What a vicious father! Don't forget who gave birth to your baby. "

Darren was stunned, and then he realized something. His eyes turned cold.

Amanda smiled, "Are you mad at me? But today's matter is very similar. You know this matter has a different meaning from todays. Why is your son's pee more precious than others? Why do you solve it better than me? "

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