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   Chapter 78 Are You That Rich

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"You have so many things to do every day. If you take a day off, what will the people in the company do?" Amanda asked incredulously. She had been working in An Group for a long time, and she could tell that Darren was not as dissipated as he appeared to be. He was a playboy, but he was indeed very dedicated and serious when he worked.

How could a workaholic like him take a day off? Especially in the most critical moment of the company.

Amanda didn't dare to think further, because she was afraid that she might come up with a solution that she couldn't accept. So she just took a deep breath and turned to look at the scenery outside the window.

The sunlight hit the car window, which was a little dazzling, but it was surprisingly good. Amanda liked sunshine, but she didn't even get tanned.

But Darren suddenly slowed down and turned a corner into an underground parking lot.

"Why do you park here?" Amanda asked in surprise.

"Grocery shopping." said Darren.

Crazy, Amanda nearly went crazy. In the early morning, she even went grocery shopping with Darren at the supermarket. All the ones around them were the elder people. Only they two didn't fit in.

People of their age all went to work. Today wasn't weekend.

The vegetables were very fresh in the early morning. Darren walked beside Amanda with a shopping cart. "What do you want?" Amanda asked.

Darren said, "You pick."

Amanda was a little speechless, "Hey, Darren. It was you who came here to buy vegetables, okay?"

"But you are the one who wants to cook. I just remind you to buy some vegetables. I don't want you to be in a hurry while cooking." Said Darren flatly.

What? 'I cook? Excuse me? No one wants to cook for him.' she thought.

Darren saw through her mind and said, "Have you forgotten this morning that you granted the leave of Nola without saying anything? Now that Nola has left, who else can cook if you don't cook?"

"How come it's my fault? Nola has something urgent to do. Don't you let her go?" Amanda said with her eyes widely opened.

"Please note that I did not permit it. It was you who made the decision without permiss

be solved with money. Didn't she see that the woman's attitude changed instantly when he took money out?

Amanda rolled her eyes at him, "Are you that rich?"

Darren frowned slightly, "I'm in a hurry."

"Then you go first." Amanda said without any hesitation.

"Is an egg so serious?" Darren was a little impatient. He took out another 100 RMB and handed it to the woman, and then turned to check out.

The woman ran away after she got the money and fled in a hurry, afraid that Amanda would regret again.

After Darren paid the bill, he saw Amanda still standing there, "Let's go." he said with a hint of displeasure in his voice.

Looking at him, Amanda felt aggrieved and her eyes got a little hot. She walked out from the middle and ignored Darren.

Darren looked at the pile of vegetables on the ground, and he couldn't believe that a woman dared to turn her face on him and abandon him. He wanted to chase after her, but Amanda left so fast and he couldn't find her. He kicked away the pumpkin that he bought, and then drove away directly.

However, after he just took a few steps forward, he saw Amanda who was walking on the roadside.

Darren got off the car and grabbed Amanda's arm, "Amanda, what's wrong with you?"

Darren's thump and his handsome face drew the attention of passers-by instantly. And they could easily make up a story of deep love.

"Mr. Darren, what can I do for you?" Amanda asked.

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