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   Chapter 77 A Little Effort

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Early in the morning, when Darren went downstairs, he saw Amanda was preparing breakfast with Nola.

"I can make this egg. I'm a good cook." She took over Nola with a smile. It had to be said that Amanda looked like a housewife when she tied up her hair and wore an apron.

"Look! Love Fried eggs." A plate of fried egg was placed in front of Darren. The bright golden round egg yolk was lying on the white egg yolk, like a small sun surrounding it. It was indeed very beautiful. Nola praised, "Mrs. Amanda's cooking is excellent."

Then he put the steak on the table and chewed it with his chopsticks. Then he frowned, "It's tasteless."

"Are you so hungry? It's not finished yet. It's just a semi product, but you have eaten it. It's still a baby, and you're really crazy. "

Darren said indifferently, "You're getting bolder, Amanda. " How dare she make fun of him.

She smiled, "all right. Let me show you my incomparable fried eggs skill. Here is the beginning of the meal."

Darren didn't say a word. Then, Amanda took out some onions from the refrigerator and took a small piece of water miraculous onion. He frowned slightly, and Nola quickly said, "Mr. Darren doesn't eat onions. "

Amanda cut in, "how can you not eat onions? You're an adult and don't be picky about them. " She was in a good mood today and rarely cooked for herself. Onion soup was steaming hot today, and it was slowly sprinkling on the fried eggs which were only two colors yellow and white. The thick fresh smell of the soup permeated in the air. Chester said, "in fact, this is just a temporary idea. For this, the onion soup should be prepared the day before, as well as the diced ham and chopped celery, all of which enhance the flavor and need to be cooked slowly."

"It's good. " He tasted and said.

"Of course. Look who made it," she added proudly. She took another bowl for Nola to try. Nola tasted it and nod

"How long has he been lying like this? Can't you think of a way to cure it? " Darren asked when they were on their way back.

"More than ten years. He was only brought to life when I left." "Fortunately, uncle helped Sheryl a lot. He has arranged regular massage and muscle recovery training for Sheryl. "

"Have you ever thought of doing further treatment?" Darren furrowed his brows and said, "Or, it was treated, but it didn't work."

"I don't know. Uncle arranged everything." She shook her head.

"Is it still arranged by your uncle?" Said Darren.

"That's right, but it's better to live here. With the help of Lionel, I can also rest assured." After all, she cared about Sheryl. Only when Sheryl was safe could she feel safe.

"Although Sheryl is in hospital now, she is very lively. She ran away from home to take a business trip with dad before." Speaking of Sheryl, Amanda kept talking with Darren. She was also frightened by her silence. She said to Darren, "I couldn't stop when I talked about Sheryl. You must have gotten tired of listening to me."

Darren shook his head and replied, "it's interesting."

After visiting Sheryl, she said, "You go to the company first. I can take a taxi home."

"I have a holiday today." Darren started the car.

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