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   Chapter 74 A Chance Of Life

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 6500

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Amanda got choked by the man. He then shouted desperately, "Too late! It's too late!"

"Call the police right now. Someone is robbing us here." Fear gripped Rose's whole body, and she shouted. It was in a total mess outside.

When Darren saw that Amanda was about to get out of the danger, and then was tightly controlled by the man in blue, he couldn't help but think that it was all because of the sudden appearance of Rose that disturbed the man's peaceful emotions. Darren roared, "Get out!"

"Darren, come out quickly. It's too dangerous here." said Rose worriedly.

Amanda's throat was choked by the strong man's hands, "Don't be afraid, sir. It's fine." she hurried to reassure him.

"How could it be fine? I'm screwed. So many people have seen it. You will definitely sue me and arrest me. I don't believe you. You must have cheated me to arrest me, right? I'm going to kill you. How can you be so merciful to let me go? I don't believe you." The man put forth more strength, and Amanda's face turned red.

Darren said immediately, "So what can I do to make you believe that we really want you to leave? How much money do you want?"

"Darren, how can you allow him to blackmail you? I tell you, the police will come soon. You'd better go back immediately." Said Rose in an aggressive manner, as she walked up to him.

"Get out!" Darren said coldly with a straight face.

"Come out, Darren. It's really dangerous inside with so much gasoline in it." said Rose anxiously.

"Mr. Darren, please come out quickly. It's too dangerous." said Sophie anxiously.

"Why are you so free? Why don't you go to work but surround here?" Looking at Amanda who had moved to the window, Darren's face became more and more gloomy.

"Well, everyone, leave here now." Sophie responded quickly, she dispersed the crowd immediately.

Darren looked at the man in blue and said, "Please let my wife go. If you want money, I can give

was lying still on the ground.

Amanda's soft body was held into the arms of Darren. He patted her on the back and said urgently, "It's all right. It's all right."

The police were already waiting outside, and at this moment, they rushed up and grabbed the man. A police came over and wanted Amanda to take a record. Darren cursed, "Don't you see that she was scared?" The policemen were intimidated by Darren's words, and they all turned pale. So Sophie hurried to ask them to wait for a moment. After all, An Group was very famous and no one dared to say anything.

Rose was standing at the door. The pain on her arm was excruciating. Just now, when Darren pushed her to the door, she hit the door and made a kowtow. As an actress, it was not good for her to get any physical injury on her body. However painful she was, she didn't care at all.

In her eyes, there was only one man, the man who had occupied all her thoughts and was the only man she believed in. Now, he was holding another woman in his arms. He hated this woman very much before, and Rose had believed that he would never fall in love with the woman. But, this had happened.

The precious treasure in her heart was forcefully taken away, and the wound was bleeding. Rose covered the empty heart and frowned slightly.

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