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   Chapter 73 Abducted

Count On Your Love By Tang Butian Characters: 7263

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The man in blue said anxiously, "Mr. Darren, we are also employees in the company. My mother's kidney is damaged, and she has to take a lot of pills every month. It's really difficult at home. I'm the only backbone of the family. I was fired, but how about the medical fee of my mother? The child is still at school, and we don't dare to let the child know. Mr. Darren, please forgive me."

"Before that, you should apply to the company for the grants. We will discuss and increase the grants to you, but as an employee with a safe awareness is responsible for the elevator. What your team members do has heavily threatened the life and safety of our employees. If there is no accident, I will entrust the company's lawyer to take charge of the case." He added, "you'll have to pay for the compensation."

The man in blue said painfully, "Mr. Darren, our family is so pitiful. I can't live without this job. Please be mercy. We are all forced to do this, and we are all caused by Director Wang. We dare not to ignore it. I will pay attention to it later and I will learn from it. "

"Hey, are you discussing something?" After musing for a while, Amanda brought two more jars of coffee and one for Sophie. Noticing the surprised look on Sophie's face, she pushed the door and saw the man in blue.

The lady's loud voice startled the man in blue. "I remember who you are. You are Mr. Amanda, right? "

I'm no longer the vice president. I resigned from the company. "

"What? You are the vice president. Why did you resign? " The man said in surprise.

"She made a mistake and screwed up the company's case, so she asked for resignation. Our company rules will not change because of the different identities of others." Said Darren in a low voice.

The man in blue was stunned.

Amanda laid down the snacks on the sofa and furrowed her brows. She didn't understand why Darren sounded so weird despite what he said was true.

"Well, it's about time. Let's go out." Said Darren flatly.

"Mrs. Amanda, please help me. " The man suddenly knelt down in front of Amanda and freaked out the nuts in her hand. She raised her hand to lift him up and persuaded him

her my brother is alive or dead in the hospital, but I am forced to leave the family? There is nothing you can't do when your family is on the line of life and death. You are more desperate than anyone else. "

Her voice seemed to have a particularly powerful strength, which even made the man a little shocked.

"After that night, I felt that there was nothing more desperate than this. Maybe you had lost a job in your eyes, and then you couldn't go on. But life always makes us lose more. What we can do is to grasp everything we have. Don't miss the past. As long as we are alive, we can live for anything. " "So what are you afraid of? Why do you leave yourself on the way?"

"But I can't go back. I have committed a crime." Said the man in blue.

"Don't worry. I think it's better to save a man who doesn't have a way out than to bring him to justice." She looked at Darren and smiled. "My husband thinks so. As the president of the company, he can't be irresponsible to others for you. But if you leave the company, we are willing to help you. "

The man slowly put down the lighter and sighed, "Mrs. Amanda, you are a nice person. In fact, I didn't have the courage to walk in. When I saw you in the vending machine, I asked you that you were smiling at me. I should have known that you are a good person. "

"Darren, ah --" as soon as Rose came in with a big smile on her face, she was astonished and couldn't help but scream out.

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